Life Sciences for the 21st Century (2004. XVI, 355 p. w. figs. (some col.). 24,5 cm)


Life Sciences for the 21st Century (2004. XVI, 355 p. w. figs. (some col.). 24,5 cm)

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Full Description

What are currently the most dynamic areas in the life sciences and where do future challenges lie? In this carefully selected collection of essays, world-class scientists - all of them winners of the Nobel, Lasker or Wolf prizes - describe groundbreaking developments in their particular area of expertise. The selection of topics is as diverse and colorful as life itself: Will advances in molecular biology allow us to learn all about the cell's internal workings? What are the prospects of molecular medicine for the treatment of cancer and other diseases? How will agriculture develop in the era of transgenic plants? How will life on our planet be transformed as the human population continues to increase? Founded on hard facts as well as on scientific intuition, each chapter highlights a different aspect of life science and is completely self-contained. It is a fascinating reading for anyone with an active interest in the life sciences, as well as ideal for teaching purposes.

Table of Contents

    Ribosomes, the Machines of Life.
The Antiquity of RNA-based Evolution.
The Ubiquitin-mediated Proteolytic System.
How Proteins Speak With One Another in Cell
Protein Phosphorylation: What does the
Future Hold?
The Prospect of Cell Replacement Therapy by
Nuclear Transplantation.
The Control of Hematopoiesis and Leukemia:
From Basic Biology to the Clinic.
No Future for Agriculture Without Plant
The Phantom Vector of an Emerging Viroid.
Population Dynamics in Evolutionary Ecology.

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