Post-Mining of Association Rules : Techniques for Effective Knowledge Extraction


Post-Mining of Association Rules : Techniques for Effective Knowledge Extraction

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Table of Contents

Foreword                                           xiv
Preface xvi
Acknowledgement xxi
Section I Introduction
Association Rules: An Overview 1 (11)
Paul D. McNicholas
Yanchang Zhao
Section II Identifying Interesting Rules
From Change Mining to Relevance Feedback: A 12 (26)
Unified View on Assessing Rule
Mirko Boettcher
Georg Rufi
Rudolf Kruse
Combining Data-Driven and User-Driven 38 (18)
Evaluation Measures to Identify Interesting
Solange Oliveira Rezende
Edson Augusto Melanda
Magaly Lika Fujimoto
Roberta Akemi Sinoara
Veronica Oliveira de Carvalho
Semantics-Based Classification of Rule 56 (25)
Interestingness Measures
Julien Blanchard
Fabrice Guillet
Pascale Kuntz
Section III Post-Analysis and Post-Mining of
Association Rules
Post-Processing for Rule Reduction Using 81 (19)
Closed Set
Huawen Liu
Jigui Sun
Huijie Zhang
A Conformity Measure Using Background 100(16)
Knowledge for Association Rules Application
to Text Mining
Hacene Cherfi
Amedeo Napoli
Yannick Toussaint
Continuous Post-Mining of Association Rules 116(17)
in a Data Stream Management System
Hetal Thakkar
Barzan Mozafari
Carlo Zaniolo
QROC: A Variation of ROC Space to Analyze 133(17)
Item Set Costs/Benefits in Association Rules
Ronaldo Cristiano Prati
Section IV Rule Selection for Classification
Variations on Associative Classifiers and 150(23)
Classification Results Analyses
Maria-Luiza Antonie
David Chodos
Osmar Zaiane
Selection of High Quality Rules in 173(27)
Associative Classification
Silvia Chiusano
Paolo Garza
Section V Visualization and Representation of
Association Rules
Meta-Knowledge Based Approach for an 200(24)
Interactive Visualization of Large Amounts
of Association Rules
Sadok Ben Yahia
Olivier Couturier
Tarek Hamrouni
Engelbert Mephu Nguifo
Visualization to Assist the Generation and 224(22)
Exploration of Association Rules
Claudio Haruo Yamamoto
Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira
Solange Oliveira Rezende
Frequent Closed Itemsets Based Condensed 246(27)
Representations for Association Rules
Nicolas Pasquier
Section VI Maintenance of Association Rules
and New Forms of Association Rules
Maintenance of Frequent Patterns: A Survey 273(21)
Mengling Feng
Jinyan Li
Limsoon Wong
Mining Conditional Contrast Patterns 294(17)
Guozhu Dong
Jinyan Li
Guimei Liu
Limsoon Wong
Multidimensional Model-Based Decision Rules 311(24)
Qinrong Feng
Duoqian Miao
Ruizhi Wang
Compilation of References 335(26)
About the Contributors 361(9)
Index 370