Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses

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Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses

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Full Description

This book presents an integrated approach toward changing attitudes about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students, faculty, and staff on contemporary college campuses. From Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses you can learn specific classroom techniques for handling homophobia and heterosexism in the classroom. This book tackles a wide variety of subjects including academic freedom, diversity training, nontraditional families, and religion, each of which plays an integral part in the sense of community found on any college campus. Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses provides you with the basic tools to set up sensible programs that have worked for others in the past and can work for you in the future! In Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses you'll also find: a list of helpful feature films and documentaries case studies from the US, Canada, and Australia methods to combat homophobia and heterosexism among social work students practical ways to set up Safe Zone or Allies programs techniques for reducing "trans-anxieties" lectures and role-playing games geared toward changing thoughts and live


Acknowledgments Introduction PART 1. THE CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT: CAMPUS-WIDE PROGRAMS AND POLICIES Allies in the Struggle: Eradicating Homophobia and Heterosexism on Campus Weaving a Wide Net: The Benefits of Integrating Campus Projects to Combat Homophobia The Experiences of Lesbian and Bisexual Women in College Residence Halls: Implications for Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism Updating College and University Campus Policies: Meeting the Needs of Trans Students, Staff, and Faculty PART II. ATTITUDE ASSESSMENT AND CHANGE The Role of Lay Theories of the Etiologies of Homosexuality in Attitudes Towards Lesbians and Gay Men A Study of Attitudes Toward Sexuality Issues Among Health Care Students in Australia Lesbians, Gays, and Religion: Strategies for Challenging Belief Systems A Lesbian/Straight Team Approach to Changing Attitudes Toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered People PART III. PRACTITIONER TRAINING PROGRAMS Practitioner Training for Counseling Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients Policy and Practice: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism Among Social Work Students Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism in the Mental Health Classroom: An Intersubjective Frame for Learning PART IV. PEDAGOGY AND CLASSROOM INTERVENTIONS Homophobia and Academic Freedom From Homophobia and Heterosexism to Heteronormativity: Toward the Development of a Model of Queer Interventions in the University Classroom Transcending Heteronormativity in the Classroom: Using Queer and Critical Pedagogies to Alleviate Trans-Anxieties Journeying Together: Three Voices on the Process of Making the Invisible Visible Teaching About Heterosexism and Creating an Empathic Experience of Homophobia Beyond Empathy: Confronting Homophobia in Critical Education Courses The Family Lecture Teaching the Teachers: Confronting Homophobia and Heterosexism in Teacher Education Programs PART V. FEATURE FILMS AND DOCUMENTARIES Feature Films and Documentaries List Index Reference Notes Included