Trade in Illicit Antiquities : The Destruction of the World's Archaeological Heritage

Trade in Illicit Antiquities : The Destruction of the World's Archaeological Heritage

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All over the world archaeological sites are being looted to feed an ever-expanding antiquities market. The phenomenon has been well-documented, by journalists and TV documentaries as much by academic study, but its true scale remains something for conjecture. With this in mind, in October 1999 the McDonald Institute convened an international symposium of archaeologists and other interested parties, which allowed them to give accounts of looting in their own countries, share their experiences and to consider possible remedies or preventative measures. The proceedings of the symposium are now published in this volume with contributors from many of the major museums and university departments in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. The volume concludes with a series of aims and objectives proposed by the International Standing Committee on the Traffic in Illicit Antiquities.

Table of Contents

        List of Contributors                       vii
Figures ix
Tables x
Acknowledgements x
Foreword xi
Colin Renfrew
Illicit Antiquities 1 (6)
Neil Brodie
Jennifer Doole
The Destruction of the Cultural Heritage of 7 (12)
Thailand and Cambodia
Rachanie Thosarat
Illicit Excavation in Contemporary China 19 (6)
He Shuzhong
Recording and Preserving Gandhara's Cultural 25 (8)
Ihsan Ali
Robin Coningham
The Threat to Cultural Sites in India from 33 (4)
Illegal Excavation
Ajai Shankar
Examples from Kenya and Somalia 37 (10)
George H.O. Abungu
Destruction of Archaeological Heritage in 47 (10)
Tanzania: the Cost of Ignorance
Bertram B.B. Mapunda
The Republic of Niger 57 (16)
Boube Gado
Looting and the Market for Maya Objects: a 73 (16)
Belizean Perspective
Elizabeth Gilgan
The Destruction, Looting and Traffic of the 89 (8)
Archaeological Heritage of Peru
Walter Alva
Protecting the Past for the Future: Federal 97 (14)
Archaeology in the United States
Veletta Canouts
Francis P. McManamon
The New Syrian Law on Antiquities 111(4)
Ammar Abdulrahman
One Damn Illicit Excavation After Another: 115(4)
the Destruction of the Archaeological
Heritage of Jordan
Ghazi Bisheh
Some Remarks on the Destruction of Turkey's 119(2)
Archaeological Heritage
Engin Ozgen
American Litigation to Recover Cultural 121(12)
Property: Obtacles, Options, and a Proposal
Howard N. Spiegler
Lawrence M. Kaye
The Destruction of the Archaeological 133(8)
Heritage of Cyprus
Sophocles Hadjisavvas
Antiquities without Archaeology in the United 141(4)
Peter Addyman
Analysis of the Looting, Selling, and 145(10)
Collecting of Apulian Red-Figure Vases: a
Quantitative Approach
Ricacrdo J. Elia
The Looting of Archaeological Sites in Italy 155(6)
Giovanni Pastore
Altering Information from the Past: Illegal 161(12)
Excavations in Greece and the Case of the
Early Bronze Age Cyclades
Marisa Marthari
Appendix The Cambridge Resolution 173