Reality Check : How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business

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Reality Check : How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business

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Full Description

Discover the next big competitive advantage in business and learn how augmented and virtual reality can put your business ahead.Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are part of a new wave of immersive technologies that offer huge opportunities for businesses, across industries and regardless of their size. Most people think of AR or VR as a new development in video gaming like Pokemon GO, or an expensive marketing campaign by the Nikes of the world. The truth is, businesses of any size can put these new technologies to immediate use in areas that include training and development, customer experience and design, as well as data and information management. Reality Check dispels the common misconceptions of AR and VR, such as them being too expensive or not easily scalable, and details how business leaders can integrate them into their business to deliver more efficient, cost-sensitive and exciting business solutions. The up and coming voice of AR and VR for businesses, Jeremy Dalton, uses exclusive case studies from organizations like Lloyds Banking Group, Honeywell and IKEA to showcase the practical uses of immersive technologies. He argues businesses will see the most immediate benefits in four areas: - Training- Design- Information and data- Telepresence Reality Check makes cutting-edge technology accessible and grounds them into the everyday workings of normal businesses. It is your one-stop non-technical guide to incredibly exciting new technologies that will deliver results.


Chapter - 01Chapter - 02: Why XR Means Business;Chapter - 03: Learning and Development;Chapter - 04: Operations;Chapter - 05: Sales and Marketing;Chapter - 06: Five Phases of XR Implementation;Chapter - 07: Discovery Challenges;Chapter - 08: Design and Development Challenges;Chapter - 09: Deploy and Debrief Challenges;Chapter - 10: A Beginner's Guide to Creating Quality 360 Video Content;Chapter - 11: Common Misconceptions and Criticisms of XR;Chapter - 12: Why Now?;Chapter - 13: Conclusion;Chapter - 14: The Machinery Behind XR