Dog People : What We Love about Our Dogs

Dog People : What We Love about Our Dogs

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Full Description

As Edward Albee puts it in this timeless collection of pieces about dogs, there are "those of us who feel incomplete withoutt the company of a dog or two." Those same people will feel incomplete without this book, now in paperback. Along with portraits of dogs are ruminations by such dog-devoted authors as Anne Beattie, Nancy Friday, and Jane Smiley. Daniel Pinkwater describes the joys of strolling with his ever-willing-to-walk dog and Danny Shanahan explains "how to read your dog," complete with sketches. These, together with the work of forty artists, including William Wegman's photographs of famous Fay and Jamie Wyeth's dog paintings, give voice and image to the powerful, undiluted emotions that human beings experience when dogs are among them.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Living in a Dogmocracy               8  (14)
Michael J. Rosen
Harry Sighing 14 (2)
Edward Albee
Companion Pieces 16 (11)
Christine Herman Merrill
Gus and Dinah 24 (3)
Frederick Busch
Bunny 27 (1)
Brian Hagiwara
Discoveries 28 (12)
Will Shively
True Confessions 36 (4)
Susan Conant
The City of Dogs 40 (9)
Robert Andrew Parker
Considerations (in Middle Age) Concerning 46 (3)
Getting a Dog
Ann Beattie
Ooshi 49 (3)
Evgenia Radunsky
A Dog in Love 50 (2)
Merrill Markoe
Inside/Outside 52 (10)
William Wegman
Bird-Dogging 58 (1)
Deirdre McNamer
Dawg-Eat-Dawg 59 (3)
Franz Lidz
Canine Company 62 (6)
Jamie Wyeth
A Walk with Jacques 66 (2)
Daniel Pinkwater
The Pug 68 (6)
Dan Yaccarino
The Eyes Have It 69 (5)
Arthur Yorinks
Moondog and Boutros Boutros-Ghali 74 (13)
Karen Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. Foo 80 (2)
Enid Shomer
Take That, Will Rogers 82 (5)
Steven Bauer
Early Dog 87 (9)
James Balog
Newshounds 90 (2)
Steve Rushin
Mason the Dream Girl 92 (4)
Cynthia Heimel
How to Read Your Dog 96 (8)
Danny Shanahan
Meeting Hobo 100(4)
Ron Carlson
Patsy 104(7)
Stan Olson
Fetch 108(3)
Jane Smiley
Artists' Dogs 111(15)
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Frankie 112(3)
Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
True Romance 115(3)
Robert Rosenblum
My Shih Tzu/My Self 118(2)
Nancy Friday
Twenty Questions 120(6)
Lee K. Abbott
Half-Moon 126(12)
Sheila Metzner
The Kiss Patrol 130(3)
Armistead Maupin
Bear, Bull, Bubba, and Other Folk 133(5)
Robert Canzoneri
Stanley and Boodgie 138(2)
David Hockney
Lassie Come Home: Smart Design's Dog House 140(4)
Tucker Viemeister
By Definition 142(2)
Roger Caras
Because of Leela 144(12)
Tony Mendoza
The Company of Canines 152(4)
Bob Shacochis
Contributors' Notes 156(4)
Credits and Acknowledgments 160