What Cats Want : An Illustrated Guide for Truly Understanding Your Cat (ILL)


What Cats Want : An Illustrated Guide for Truly Understanding Your Cat (ILL)

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Full Description

'Cute illustrations and fascinating facts' GUARDIAN 'A perfect gift for any cat lover' Reader Review | 5 STARSCats are so mysterious. What makes them climb into tiny spaces? Why do they sleep that much? And, most of all, how can we give them a good life?Dr. Yuki Hattori is Japan's leading cat doctor, and to him cats are the most beautiful animals in the world. His advice comes with little illustrations showing exactly what to look for as a cat owner - including charts showing how to interpret their different meows, the direction of their whiskers and the way their tail is pointing!Cats may seem low-maintenance but thoughtfulness about where you put their water, how warm or cool they like to be, what name to choose and how to groom them properly will make a life-changing difference. With understanding, affection and respect, your cat will be more healthy and contented - and you'll feel happier too.'I bought this book for a friend, but after seeing it I might just buy a stack more' Reader Review | 5 STARS'Even my dog enjoyed looking at it' Reader Review | 5 STARS

Table of Contents

Ten basic rules for understanding cats             10 (4)
Chapter 1 The Body And Its Mysteries
Cat biology
Secrets in their eyes 14 (2)
You can tell a lot from a cat's eyes 16 (2)
Listening carefully 18 (2)
A good sense of smell 20 (2)
Is a wet nose good? 22 (2)
Multi-purpose tongue 24 (2)
Whiskers are practical as well as 26 (2)
Good food for good health 28 (2)
A pleasant dining experience 30 (2)
Water is vital 32 (2)
A clean, quiet place to go 34 (2)
A cosy place to sleep 36 (2)
Extra notes
A cat for everyone 38 (2)
Chapter 2 Detective Work
How to speak cat
Interpreting their miaows 40 (2)
Crying at night 42 (2)
Read my face 44 (2)
Basic body language 46 (2)
Stretching it out 48 (2)
Purrs and asking for affection 50 (2)
Rubbing up 52 (2)
Hissing and intimidation 54 (2)
What the tail says 56 (2)
Feline behaviour
Winding down with a lick-bath 58 (2)
Up to scratch 60 (2)
Kicking back 62 (2)
Nipping and the hunter's instinct 64 (2)
Getting territorial 66 (2)
A cat's pose reveals her state of mind 68 (2)
Something in the way she moves 70 (2)
The high life 72 (2)
Love of tight spaces 74 (2)
Why's my cat vomiting? 76 (2)
Weight gain and weight loss 78 (2)
Wanting to cool down, even when it 80 (2)
isn't hot
Extra notes
Going to the vet 82 (2)
Chapter 3 Everyday Care
Living together
Respect your cat's routine 84 (2)
Keeping your cat indoors 86 (2)
Home alone 88 (2)
Health care
The importance of brushing 90 (2)
Dental hygiene 92 (2)
Clipping claws 94 (2)
Shampooing a long-haired cat 96 (2)
Neutering males 98 (2)
Spaying females 100(2)
A happy, healthy old age 102(2)
Extra notes
Natural disasters 104(2)
Chapter 4 Making Your Cat Happy
Cats and humans 106(2)
Do cats have personalities? 108(2)
Playing with your cat 110(2)
Favourite sorts of cuddle 112(2)
How to pick cats up 114(2)
How to talk to your cat 116(2)
Giving a foot massage 118(1)
Are kisses allowed? 119(1)
New cat on the block 120(2)
Extra notes
Which treats are OK for cats? 122(2)
Chapter 5 Creating A Cat-Friendly Home
The basics 124(2)
Hazards 126(2)
The right way to use a pet cage 128(2)
A cat tree makes life fun 130(2)
Cosy bedding to sleep in 132(2)
Choosing cat litter 134(2)
The perfect scratching post 136(2)
A safe home for an older cat 138(2)
Moving house without stressing your cat 140(2)
A pet carrier for trips out 142(2)
Extra notes
The ideal room for a cat 144(2)
Chapter 6 A Long And Happy Life
It's a cat's life 146(2)
Choosing a vet 148(2)
Adding up the cost 150(2)
Breed-specific ailments 152(2)
Common diseases 154(2)
Foods to avoid 156(2)
A changing diet for each phase of life 158