The Soviet Space Race with Apollo


The Soviet Space Race with Apollo

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Full Description

First published by NASA in 2000 as "Challenge to Apollo", this volume, together with a second volume entitled "Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge", presents a comprehensive history of the Soviet-manned space programmes covering a period of 30 years, from the end of World War II, when the Soviets captured German rocket technology, to the collapse of their moon programme in the mid-1970s. The spectacular Soviet successes of Sputnik - the first Earth satellite (1957) - and Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space (1961) - shocked US leaders and prompted President John F. Kennedy to set the goal of landing a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. The moon race culminated with the historic landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969 (coincidentally, the first Soviet unmanned moon probe crashed on its surface while the American astronauts were at Tranquility Base). The epic story of the Soviet space programme remained shrouded in secrecy until the unprecedented opening of top secret documents. Based almost entirely on these Russian-language sources and numerous interviews with veterans, Siddiqi's book breaks through the rumours, hearsay and speculation that characterized books on the Soviet space programme published during the Cold War years. Supplementing the text with dozens of previously classified photographs, he weaves together the technical, political and personal history of the major Soviet space programmes, providing the other side of the history of human space flight.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    xi
Preface xiii
Glossary xvii
A New Beginning 517 (48)
Tragedy 565 (44)
Getting Back on Track 609 (44)
Final Lap to the Moon 653 (46)
Options 699 (46)
Dreams Unfulfilled 745 (54)
Ashes to Ashes 799 (40)
Tomorrow Never Knows 839 (16)
Coda 855 (6)
Bibliographic Essay 861 (118)
Orbital Launch Attempts in the Soviet 873 (3)
Piloted Space Program, 1960--74
Mission Parameters for Selected Orbital 876 (3)
Nonorbital Launch Attempts Supporting the 879 (2)
Soviet Piloted Space Program, 1951--74
Cosmonaut Selection Groups, 1960--74 881 (8)
Administrative Organizations in the 889 (12)
Soviet Missile and Space Programs,
Major Contractor Organizations in the 901 (16)
Soviet Space Program, 1945--74
Space Launch Vehicle Designations 917 (4)
Details of Launch Vehicles Used in the 921 (4)
Soviet Piloted Space Program, 1957--74
Designations for Piloted Space Vehicles 925 (6)
Automated Launches Related to the Soviet 931 (4)
Piloted Space Program, 1957--76
Governmental Decrees in the Soviet 935 (22)
Missile and Space Programs, 1945--76
A: Soviet Piloted Space Projects, 1945--74 957 (8)
B: Dramatis Personae, 1945--74 965 (14)
Index 979