Current Perspectives on Sex Crimes


Current Perspectives on Sex Crimes

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Full Description

This wide-ranging anthology offers a variety of perspectives with exerpts from books and current articles from research journals, plus four original contributed articles, on the major types of sex crimes and offenders, therapies, juvenile sex offenses, and nuisance sexual activities.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments                        ix
Unit 1: A Basic Overview 1 (8)
Sex in the 21st Century 3 (6)
Ronald M. Holmes
Stephen T. Holmes
Unit 2: Nuisance Sex Behaviors and Crime 9 (90)
Swinging: A Functional Alternative to 13 (11)
Ronald M. Holmes
The Transformative Power of Sex Work 24 (11)
Alissa C. Perrucci
Entry, Maintenance, and Departure From a 35 (21)
Career in the Sex Industry: Strippers'
Experiences of Occupational Costs and Rewards
Nova Sweet
Richard Tewksbury
Prostitution, the Sex Industry, and Sex 56 (17)
Jody Miller
Dheeshana Jayasundera
Voyeurism: A Criminal Precursor and 73 (12)
Diagnostic Indicator to a Much Larger Sexual
Predatory Problem in Our Community
Joseph Davis
Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places: Men 85 (14)
Who Patronize Prostitutes
Richard Tewksbury
Patricia Gagne
Unit 3: Homosexuality, Transvestism, and 99 (32)
Developmental Implications of Victimization 101(14)
of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth
Anthony D'Augelli
Inmate Sexual Assault: The Plague That 115(5)
Robert W. Dumond
Sexual Assault and Coercion Among 120(11)
Incarcerated Women Prisoners: Excepts From
Prison Letters
Leanne Fiftal Alarid
Unit 4: Juvenile Sex Crimes and Behaviors: 131(40)
Offenders and Victims
The Creation of and Considerations 135(8)
Surrounding Megan's Law: The D.A. Can't Get
No Relief
Tom ``Tad'' Hughes
Cognitive Distortions Among Women Reporting 143(10)
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Gina P. Owens
Kathleen M. Chard
The Self-Reported Behaviors of Juvenile 153(9)
Sexual Offenders
Stacey C. Zolondek
Gene G. Abel
William F. Northey, Jr.
Alan D. Jordan
Misuse of the Internet by Pedophiles: 162(9)
Implications for Law Enforcement and
Probation Practice
Keith F. Durdin
Unit 5: Dangerous Sex Crimes 171(46)
Fractured Identity Syndrome: A New Theory of 173(8)
Serial Murder
Stephen T. Holmes
Richard Tewksbury
Ronald M. Holmes
Criminal Behavioral Assessment of Arsonists, 181(12)
Pyromaniacs, and Multiple Firesetters: The
Burning Question
Joseph A. Davis
Kelli M. Lauber
Profiles of Psychopathy in Incarcerated 193(10)
Sexual Offenders
Stephen Porter
David Fairweather
Jeff Drugge
Hugues Herve
Angela Birt
Douglas P. Boer
Prevalence and Consequences of Male-to-Female 203(14)
and Female-to-Male Intimate Partner Violence
as Measured by the National Violence Against
Women Survey
Patricia Tjaden
Nancy Thoennes
Unit 6: Rape 217(50)
The Role of Offender Alcohol Use in Rape 219(14)
Attacks: An Analysis of National Criminal
Victimization Survey Data
Leanne R. Brecklin
Sarah E. Ullman
Assisting Rape Victims as They Recover From 233(21)
Rape: The Impact on Friends
Courtney E. Ahrens
Rebecca Campbell
Services for Sexual Assault Survivors: The 254(13)
Role of Rape Crisis Centers
Rebecca Campbell
Patricia Yancey Martin
Unit 7: Special Issues and Concerns of Sex 267(84)
Behaviors and Crimes
The Sexual Victimization of College Women 271(29)
Bonnie S. Fisher
Francis T. Cullen
Michael G. Turner
Where Should We Intervene? Dynamic 300(20)
Predicators of Sexual Offense Recidivism
R. Karl Hanson
Andrew J. R. Harris
Strange Bedfellows: Is Sex Offender 320(11)
Notification a Form of Community Justice?
Lois Presser
Elaine Gunnison
Criminal Profiling: Real Science or Just 331(20)
Wishful Thinking?
Damon A. Muller
References 351(42)
Index 393(10)
About the Editors 403