The World of Bede (Reprint)

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The World of Bede (Reprint)

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Full Description

An engaging and accessible introduction to the writings and intellectual development of the Venerable Bede (d.735), this book (originally published in 1970) is available again for the enjoyment of all those interested in the early medieval world. With an updated preface and supplementary bibliography by Michael Lapidge, the book is based almost entirely on primary sources, particularly Bede's own writings. The book surveys the fragmented state of Britain after the Anglo-Saxon conquests, tracing the - sometimes faltering - rebirth of Christianity from the time of St. Augustine through to the glories of the golden age of Northumbria in the eighth century. What was Bede's contribution to the growth of scholarship? Why is his famous Ecclesiastical History of the English Church and People still so highly regarded? How did Bede see his own age? What traditions most influenced him? Peter Hunter Blair answers all these questions, assessing Bede sympatheticaly in all the fields in which he was active, as teacher, orthographer, moral philospher, grammarian, theologian, natural scientist and, above all, as our first modern historian.

Table of Contents

List of abbreviations
Part I. Alter Orbis: 1. Change in the West
2. Bede's view of Britain
3. Britons and English
4. English foundations
Part II. Towards Christianity: 5. The
initiation of a mission
6. The journey to England
7. Gregory's English correspondence
8. Bede's account of the mission
9. The first Archbishops of Canterbury
10. Paulinus in Northumbria
11. 'Celtic' and 'Roman' missionaries
Part III. the Growth of Monasticism: 12.
Gaulish and Italian influences
13. Spanish influences
14. Aspects of English monasticism
15. Benedict Biscop's early years
16. The Foundation of Wearmouth
17. The Foundation of Jarrow
18. The Abbacy of Ceolfrith
Part IV. Learning, Teaching and Writing: 19.
The regular life
20. The Bible in the West
21. The Northumbrian Bible
22. Education and grammarians
23. Reading and psalmody
24. Number and time
25. The lives of saints
26. Secular and Christian books
27. Candela Ecclesiae
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