Clusters of Galaxies (Space Telescope Science Institute Symposium)

Clusters of Galaxies (Space Telescope Science Institute Symposium)

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Full Description

Collected in this volume are the review papers from the Space Telescope Science Institute symposium on Clusters of Galaxies held in May 1989. Fifteen experts in the field have presented summaries of our current understanding of the formation and evolution of clusters and their constituent galaxies. Subjects covered include the existence and importance of subclustering, models of the evolution of clusters and the intracluster medium, the effect of the cluster environment on galaxies, observations of high redshift clusters, and the use of clusters as tracers of large scale structure. This book provides a timely focus for future observational and theoretical work on clusters of galaxies.

Table of Contents

1. Cosmology and cluster formation
2. Clusters of galaxies
3. Cosmology with clusters of galaxies
4. Cosmogony and the structure of rich clusters
of galaxies
5. The dark matter distribution in clusters
6. The effect of the cluster environment on
7. Evidence for gas deficiency in cluster
8. Properties of galaxies in groups and clusters
9. Dynamical evolution of clusters of galaxies
10. Hot gas in clusters of galaxies
Hydrodynamic simulations of the intracluster
11. Evolution of clusters in the hierarchical
12. Distant clusters as cosmological
13. Future key optical observations of galaxy
14. Cluster research with X-ray observation.