Tumor Antigens Recognized by t Cells and Antibodies (Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy)

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Tumor Antigens Recognized by t Cells and Antibodies (Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy)

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Full Description

Recent progress in fundamental tumor immunology has led to immunotherapy trials in patients with solid tumors and hematological malignancies. In the past, immunotherapy approaches were primarily based on enhancement of tumor immunity with cytokines and adjuvant therapy, without knowledge of relevant tumor antigens. The discovery of tumor antigens capable of eliciting immune responses has now resulted in the development of antigen-specific immunotherapy strategies. Vaccination with defined peptide epitopes, purified proteins, cell components, and whole cells expressing defined tumor antigens provides an opportunity to measure antigen-specific immune responses in vaccinated patients, and to correlate immunity with clinical outcome.Tumor Antigens Recognized by T Cells and Antibodies provides a comprehensive overview of the molecular nature of tumor antigens that can be recognized by antibodies, helper T lymphocytes and cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Novel strategies to enhance ineffective immunity against such antigens provide the basis for improved immunotherapy protocols for patient treatment. With contributions from a host of international experts in the field, this book provides invaluable information for clinicians and researchers with an interest in cancer immunotherapy.


Tumor Antigens Recognized by Antibodies. Human Tumor Antigens Recognized by Antibodies (SEREX). Antibodies to Tumor Oncoproteins in Cancer Patients. Antibody and CTL Responses to the NY-ESO Antigen. Tumor Antigens Recognized by CD4+ T Cells (predominantly TH1). Melanoma Antigens Recognized by CD4+ T Cells. Mouse Models in the Recognition of Tumor Antigens. Antigens of the MAGE Family Recognized by CD4+ T Cells. Tumor antigens Recognized by CD8 T Cells. Melanoma Antigens Recognized by CD8 T Cells. Squamous Cells and Adeno Cancer Antigens Recognized by T Cells. Heat/Shock Proteins and Tumor Antigens. The Wilms Tumor Antigens as CTL Target. Ex vivo and in situ Tetramer Analysis of CTL Responses to Tumors. Altered Peptide Ligands of Tumor T Cell Epitopes: Implications for More Effective Vaccine Therapy in Human Neoplasia.