Bush V. Gore : The Question of Legitimacy


Bush V. Gore : The Question of Legitimacy

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 240 p.
  • 言語 ENG,ENG
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Full Description

The Supreme Court's intervention in the 2000 election will shape American law and democracy long after George W. Bush has left the White House. This vitally important book brings together a broad range of preeminent legal scholars who address the larger questions raised by the Supreme Court's actions. Did the Court's decision violate the rule of law? Did it inaugurate an era of super-politicized jurisprudence? How should Bush v. Gore change the terms of debate over the next round of Supreme Court appointments?The contributors-Bruce Ackerman, Jack Balkin, Guido Calabresi, Steven Calabresi, Owen Fiss, Charles Fried, Robert Post, Margaret Jane Radin, Jeffrey Rosen, Jed Rubenfeld, Cass Sunstein, Laurence Tribe, and Mark Tushnet-represent a broad political spectrum. Their reactions to the case are varied and surprising, filled with sparkling argument and spirited debate. This is a must-read book for thoughtful Americans everywhere.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Question of Legitimacy           vii
Bruce Ackerman
An Unreasonable Reaction to a Reasonable 3 (17)
Charles Fried
Not as Bad as Plessy. Worse 20 (19)
Jed Rubenfeld
eroG .v hsuB: Through the Looking Glass 39 (28)
Laurence H. Tribe
In Partial (but not Partisan) Praise of 67 (17)
Guido Calabresi
The Fallibility of Reason 84 (12)
Owen Fiss
Sustaining the Premise of Legality: Learning 96 (14)
to Live with Bush v. Gore
Robert Post
Can the Rule of Law Survive Bush v. Gore? 110(19)
Margaret Jane Radin
A Political Question 129(16)
Steven G. Calabresi
Political Questions and the Hazards of 145(18)
Jeffrey Rosen
The Conservatism in Bush v. Gore 163(14)
Mark Tushnet
Does the Constitution Enact the Republican 177(15)
Party Platform? Beyond Bush v. Gore
Cass R. Sunstein
Off Balance 192(18)
Bruce Ackerman
Legitimacy and the 2000 Election 210(19)
Jack M. Balkin
Contributors 229(2)
Index 231