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In collaboration with the National Autistic Society, the authors have discovered the questions on the minds of parents and professionals, and have attempted to answer them.

Full Description

Autism is a puzzling disorder. It begins in early childhood and disrupts many aspects of development, leaving the child unable to form social relationships in the usual ways or to communicate normally. In a non-technical way, this book explains what is known about the condition. In addition it provides helpful information about relevant organizations. Primarily aimed at parents and interested professionals, it presents fact-based summaries of the different aspects of autism and covers the recognition and diagnosis of autism, its biological and psychological causes, and the various treatments and educational techniques available for autism.


1: Introducing two children with autism. 2: How the diagnosis is made. 3: Coping with the news. 4: What causes autism. 5: The brain. 6: Psychological problems. 7: Intelligence and special talents. 8: Education: what can be done?. 9: Other therapies. 10: Medical treatments. 11: Adolescence and adulthood. Appendix 1: International societies and associations for children and adults with autism. Appendix 2: Two systems used by psychiatrists for diagnosing autism. Appendix 3: Some examples of behaviour therapy for specific problems. Recommended further reading. Glossary. Index