Cost Management : A Strategic Emphasis (2 PCK SUB)

Cost Management : A Strategic Emphasis (2 PCK SUB)

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Full Description

"Cost Managementfirst cost accounting text to offer strategic management topics in conjunction with traditional cost accounting material. The text was written to help students understand more about management and the role of cost management in helping a firm or organization to succeed. This text aims to teach you about management, and how cost management is used by managers to make better decisions and improve their companies. In teaching these key management skills, this text takes on a strategic focus. It uncovers issues such as, How does a firm compete? What type of cost management information is needed by managers that are working to make the firm a success? We want students to know why, when, and how this information is used to make effective decisions that lead the firm to success.


Part I. Introduction to Cost Management Ch. 1 Cost ManagementOverview Ch. 2 Strategic Analysis and Strategic Cost Management Ch. 3 Basic Cost Concepts Part II. Contemporary Cost Management Ch. 4 Activity-Based Costing and Management Ch. 5 Target Costing, Theory of Constraints, and Life Cycle Costing Ch. 6 Total Quality Management Part III. Management Planning and Decision Making Ch. 7 Cost Estimation Ch. 8 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Ch. 9 Strategy and the Master Budget Ch. 10 Decision Making with Relevant Costs & Strategic Analysis Ch. 11 Capital Budgeting Part IV. Cost Management Systems Ch. 12 Job Costing Ch. 13 Process Costing Ch. 14 Cost Allocation: Service Departments and Joint Product Costs Part V. Operational Control Ch. 15 The Flexible Budget and Standard Costing: Direct Materials and Direct Labor Ch. 16 Standard Costing: Factory Overhead Ch. 17 Managing Marketing Effectiveness, Productivity, and Customer Profitability Part VI. Management Control Ch. 18 Management Control and Strategic Performance Measurement Ch. 19 Strategic Investment Units and Transfer Pricing Ch. 20 Management Compensation and Business Valuation