Innovation in Public Libraries : Learning from International Library Practice

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Innovation in Public Libraries : Learning from International Library Practice

  • 著者名:Nicholson, Kirstie
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  • Chandos Publishing(2017/02/23発売)
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Innovation in Public Libraries: Learning from International Library Practice examines the recent activities of successful and innovative libraries around the world, presenting their initiatives in areas including library design, events and programs, and creating customer experiences. This timely guide provides an overview of these libraries’ successful experiences and identifies emerging global trends and themes. The author offers library practitioners guidance on how to pursue these trends in their own library environment, identifying achievable goals when planning building and design improvements, and developing customer interactions in order to emulate the experiences of international libraries.

  • Presents a range of successful and innovative practices in one book, covering library innovation in building design, programs and events, and in customer experience and approach
  • Provides an international perspective on library activities, with libraries in different countries discussed
  • Analyzes the experiences of various libraries to identify common trends and themes
  • Provides practical advice for librarians who wish to emulate the activities of the libraries discussed, with recommended goals to action
  • Examines both the big picture of emerging global trends and themes, as well as highlighting the daily experiences of individual libraries

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Overview of recent innovation 2. Innovative libraries 3. Trends in international innovation 4. Objectives and actions