Words, Languages & Combinatorics III : Proceedings of the International Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 14-18 March 2000


Words, Languages & Combinatorics III : Proceedings of the International Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 14-18 March 2000

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Full Description

The research results published in this volume range from pure mathematical theory (semigroup theory, discrete mathematics, and so on) to theoretical computer science, in particular formal languages and automata. The papers are the proceedings of the Third International Colloquium on Words, Languages and Combinatorics, and they address issues in the algebraic and combinatorial theories of semigroups, words and languages, the structure theory of automata, the classification theory of formal languages and codes, and applications of these theories to various areas, like quantum and molecular computing, coding theory, and cryptography.

Table of Contents

Contributed Papers
Semidirect Products with the Pseudovariety of 1 (21)
All Finite Groups
J. Almeida (Porto, Portugal) and A. Escada
(Coimbra, Portugal)
On the Sentence Valuations in a Semiring 22 (18)
A. Atanasiu (Bucharest, Romania), C. Martin-
Vide (Tarragona, Spain) and V. Mitrana
(Bucharest, Romania)
Join Decompositions of Pseudovarieties of the 40 (11)
Form DH n ECom
K. Auinger (Wien, Austria)
Arithmetical Complexity of Infinite Words 51 (12)
S. V. Avgustinovich (Novosibirsk, Russia),
D.G. Fon-Der-Flaass (Novosibirsk, Russia) and
A.E. Frid (Novosibirsk, Russia)
The Emperor's New Recursiveness: The Epigraph 63 (10)
of the Exponential Function in Two Models of
V. Brattka (Hagen, Germany)
Iterative Arrays with Limited Nondeterministic 73 (15)
Communication Cell
T. Buchholz (Giessen, Germany), A. Klein
(Giessen, Germany) (Lind M. Kutrib (Giessen,
R-Trivial Languages of Words on Countable 88 (15)
O. Carton (Marne-la- Vall馥, France)
The Theory of Rational Relations on Transfinite 103(48)
C. Cho Prut (Paris, France) and S. Grigorieff
(Paris, France)
Networks of Watson-Crick DOL Systems 134
E. Csuh疔-Varj (Budapest, Hungary) and A.
Salomaa (Turku, Finland)
On the Differentiation Function of Some 151(11)
Language Generating Devices
J. Dassow (Magdeburg, Germany)
Visualization of Cellular Automata 162(9)
M. Dem駭y (Debrecen, Hungary), G. Horvath
(Debrecen, Hungary), Cs. Nagylaki (Debrecen,
Hungary) and Z. Nagylaki (Debrecen, Hungary)
On a Class of Hypercodes 171(12)
Do Long Van (Hanoi, Vietnam)
A Parsing Problem for Context-Sensitive 183(2)
P. D  i (Debrecen, Hungary) and M. Ito
(Kyoto, Japan)
An Improvement of Iteration Lemmata for 185(7)
Context-Free Languages
P. D  i (Debrecen, Hungary) and M. Kudlek
(Hamburg, Germany)
Quantum Finite Automata 192(20)
J. Grusko (Brno, Czech Republic) and R.
Vollmar (Karlsruhe, Germany)
On Commutative Asynchronous Automata 212(10)
B. Imreh (Szeged, Hungary), M. Ito (Kyoto,
Japan) and A. Pukler (Gy , Hungary)
Presentations of Right Unitary Submonoids of 222(18)
I. Inata (Funabashi, Japan)
A Combinatorial Property of Languages and
Monoids 228
A.V. Kelaren (Hobart, Australia) and P.G.
Trotter (Hobart, Australia)
Error-Detecting Properties of Languages 240(13)
S. Konstantinidis (Halifax, Canada)
A Note on Finding One-Variable Patterns 253(13)
Consistent with Examples and Counterexamples
T. Koshiba (Kawasaki, Japan) and K. Hiraishi
(Ishikawa, Japan)
On the Star Height of Rational Languages: A New 266(20)
Presentation for Two Old Results
S. Lombardy (Paris, France) and J.
Sakarovitch (Paris, France)
Some Properties of Hyperoperations and 286(11)
H. Machida (Kunitachi, Japan)
Words Guaranteeing Minimal Image 297(14)
S. W. Margolfs (Ramat Can, Israel), J.-E. Pin
(Paris, France) and M.V. Volkov
(Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Power Semigroups and Polynomial Closure . 311(12)
S. W. Margolfs (Ramat Gan, Israel) and B.
Steinberg (Porto, Portugal)
Routes and Trajectories 323(16)
A. Mateescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Characterization of Valuation Rings and 339(13)
Valuation Semigroups by Semistar-Operations
R. Mitsuda (Mito, Japan)
Further Results on Restarting Automata 352(18)
G. Niemann (Kassel, Germany) and F. Otto
(Kassel, Germany)
Cellular Automata with Polynomials over Finite 370(8)
H. Nishio (Kyoto, Japan)
Generalized Directable Automata 378(18)
Z. Popovic (Ni  Serbia), S. Bogdanovic (Nis,
Serbian), T. Petkovic (Turku, Finland) and M.
Cin (Nis, Serbia)
Acts over Right, Left Regular Bands and 396(7)
Semilattices Types
T. Saito (Innoshima, Japan)
Two Optimal Parallel Algorithms on the 403(17)
Commutation Class of a Word
R. Schott (Nancy, France) and J.-C. Spehner
(Mulhouse, France)
A Proof of Okninski and Putcha's Theorem 420(8)
K. Shoji (Matsne, Japan)
Subdirect Product Structure of Left Clifford 428(6)
K.P. Shum (Hong Kong, China), M.K. Sen
(Calcutta, India) and Y.Q. Guo (Kunming,
Tree Automata in the Theory of Term Rewriting 434(16)
M. Steinby (Turku, Finland)
Key Agreement Protocol Securer Than DLOG 450(16)
A. Yamamura (Tokyo, Japan) and K. Kurosawa
(Hitachi, Japan)
A Note on Rademacher Functions and Computability 466(11)
M. Yasugi (Kyoto, Japan) and M. Washihara
(Kyoto, Japan)
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