Bubbly Flows : Analysis, Modelling and Calculation (Heat and Mass Transfer) (2004. 300 p.)


Bubbly Flows : Analysis, Modelling and Calculation (Heat and Mass Transfer) (2004. 300 p.)

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Full Description

The book summarises the outcom of a priority research programme'Analysis, Modelling and Computation of Multiphase Flows'. The results of 24 individual research projects are presented. The main objective of the research programme was to provide a better understanding of the physical basis for multiphase gas-liquid flows as they are found in numerous chemical and biochemical reactors. The research comprises steady and unsteady multiphase flows in three frequently found reactor configurations, namely bubble columns without interiors, airlift loop reactors, and aerated stirred vessels. For this purpose new and improved measurement techniques were developed. From the resulting knowledge and data, new and refined models for describing the underlying physical processes were developed, which were used for the establishment and improvement of analytic as well as numerical methods for predicting multiphase reactors. Thereby, the development, lay-out and scale-up of such processes should be possible on a more reliable basis.

Table of Contents

Bubble driven flows
O. Borchers and G. Eigenberger
Detailed experimental studies on gas-liquid 1 (10)
bubble flow in bubble columns with and
without recycle
G. Brenn, V. Kolobaric and F. Durst
Basic experimental investigations on the 11 (10)
hydrodynamics of bubble columns
D. Br er and M. Sommerfeld
Examination of bubble collisions and 21 (16)
coalescence in bubbly flows
Ch. Br ker and W. Schr er
PIV-Study on bubble interaction and wakes 37 (16)
in multiphase flows
S. Godo, K. Junghans, A. Lapin and A. L bert
Dynamics of the flow in bubble column 53 (14)
S. Scheid, S. John, O. Bork, H. Parchmann, M.
Schl er, N. R臙iger
Improved model for the calculation of 67 (18)
homogeneous gas-liquid flows
O. Gnotke, R. Jeschke and R. Loth
Experimental and theoretical investigation 85 (16)
of bubble break-up and coalescence in
bubbly flows
D. Lucas, E. Krepper and H.-M. Prasser
Experimental investigation and modeling of 101(16)
air/water flows in vertical pipes
D. Schmitz and D. Mewes
Experimental and theoretical investigation 117(12)
of instationary bubble flow and mass
transfer in a bubble column
A. Seeger, U. Kertzscher, K. Affeld, L.
Goubergrits and E. Wellnhofer
X-ray based particle tracking velocimetry 129(10)
for bubble columns with high void fraction
Modelling and numerical calculations
M. van Sint Annaland, N.G. Deen and J.A.M.
Multi-level modelling of dispersed 139(20)
gas-liquid two-phase flows
D. Bothe, M. Koebe, K. Wielage, J. Pr s and
H.-J. Warnecke
Direct numerical simulation of mass 159(16)
transfer between rising gas bubbles and
M.F. G  and M. Sommerfeld
Analysis of bubble interactions in 175(16)
bidisperse bubble swarms by direct
numerical simulation
D. Kuzmin and S. Turek
Finite element discretization tools for 191(12)
gas-liquid flows
F. Lehr and D. Mewes
A transport equation for the interfacial 203(14)
area in bubble columns using a population
balance approach
D. Wiemann, F. Lehr and D. Mewes
Flow fields in bubble columns with mass 217(16)
Three-phase flows
M. Behling and D. Mewes
X-ray computational tomography measurement 233(10)
of 3-phase flow in bubble columns
E. Bourloutski and M. Sommerfeld
Euler/Lagrange calculations of 243(18)
gas-liquid-solid-flows in bubble columns
with phase interaction
J.H. En゚, J. Schallenberg, V. Michele, H.
Dziallas, D.C. Hempel
Local parameters of three-phase flow in 261(14)
column reactors with high disperse phase
S. John, S. Scheid, H. Parchmann, O. Bork, M.
Schluter and N. R臙iger
Model fundamentals for the design of 275(12)
three-phase loop reactors
U. Kertzscher, A. Seeger, K. Affeld and E.
Simultaneous measurement of the local 287(8)
liquid and the local solid velocities
Stirred vessels
E. Gharaibah and W. Polifke
A numerical model of dispersed two phase 295(12)
flow in aerated stirred vessels based on
presumed shape number density functions
V. Ilchenko, R. Maurus and T. Sattelmayer
Influence of the operating conditions on 307(12)
the bubble characteristics in an aerated
stirred vessel
F. Mayinger and O. Feldmann
Bubble dispersion in aerated stirred vessels 319(18)
A.F. Nassar, G. Zivkovic, B. Genenger and F.
PDA measurements and numerical simulation 337
of turbulent two-phase flow in stirred