X線を理解するために:放射線学テキスト<br>Understanding X-Rays : A Synopsis of Radiology (2004. X, 674 p. w. 252 ill.)

Understanding X-Rays : A Synopsis of Radiology (2004. X, 674 p. w. 252 ill.)

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Very different from other texts. A practical reference guide, easy to carry to ward rounds and tutorials, and despite its small size, contains a wealth of information.

Full Description

'Understanding X-Rays' is a book planned to fill the gap between basic and advanced knowledge of Radiology.It meets the moment when a - diologist is not available,and a diagnosis is required. Each section is introduced by a chapter on 'how to 'understand'X-rays', encouraging a complete and systematic approach to radiographs focusing on every part of the image.A three-point approach is presented,consi- ing of the 'quick look',a systematic detailed scrutiny of the images,and - nally a brief look at 'review areas'. Most difficulties in interpreting radiographs do not arise from iden- fying the clearly normal or abnormal,but the huge grey expanse between. Therefore,normal variants that may masquerade as disease are discussed in detail.Likewise,common appearances,often incidental and unimp- tant,are covered thoroughly,as these appearances can readily be misint- preted as being due to significant disease. The chapters on disease entities follow a logical sequence of conge- tal, traumatic, infective, neoplastic and miscellaneous conditions. Po- traumatic sequelae are discussed in much greater detail in each section.To limit the handbook to a pocket-sized format,certain aspects of Radi- ogy receive scant attention and some are excluded altogether.(The foll- ing are not included: physics,instrumentation,machine construction,- teriography,and ultrasound imaging of obstetrics, the eye and vascular structures.Aspects such as congenital heart disease,bone dysplasias,bone tumours and barium meal examinations are not discussed at any length).

Table of Contents

  Part I Chest                                     1  (119)
Introduction - How To `Read' Chest X-Rays 3 (20)
Common Appearances (Mostly Incidental and 23 (12)
Disease Entities 35 (50)
Lists of Differential Diagnoses 85 (18)
X-Ray Quiz and Teaching Cases (The Chest) 103(16)
Part II The Vertebral Column 119(72)
Introduction - How To `Read' Spinal X-Rays 121(8)
Common Appearances (Mostly Incidental and 129(6)
Disease Entities 135(30)
Lists of Differential Diagnoses 165(10)
X-Ray Quiz and Teaching Cases (The 175(16)
Vertebral Column)
Part III Bones and Joints 191(144)
How To `Read' X-Rays of Bones and Joints 193(4)
Common Appearances (Mostly Incidental and 197(14)
Disease Entities 211(84)
Lists of Differential Diagnoses 295(20)
X-Ray Quiz and Teaching Cases (Bones and 315(20)
Part IV The Abdomen 335(142)
How to `Read' Abdominal X-Rays (and US, CT 337(10)
and MRI)
Common Appearances (Mostly Incidental and 347(2)
Disease Entities 349(90)
Lists of Differential Diagnoses 439(22)
X-Ray Quiz and Teaching Cases (Abdomen) 461(16)
Part V The Head and Neck 477(118)
How To `Read' Skull X-Rays (CT and MRI) 479(4)
Common Appearances (Mostly Incidental and 483(6)
Disease Entities 489(68)
Lists of Differential Diagnoses 557(22)
X-Ray Quiz and Teaching Cases (Head and 579(16)
Part VI Miscellaneous 595(78)
A Brief History of Radiology 597(6)
Adverse Effects of X-Rays (Including Brief 603(6)
Notes on Radiobiology)
Reactions to Radiological Contrast Media 609(6)
and Management of Reactions
Film Faults 615(2)
Cross-Sectional Imaging (Ultrasound, 617(8)
Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance
Nuclear Medicine Imaging 625(10)
Interventional Radiology 635(14)
Breast Imaging 649(14)
Lists of Normal Measurements in Diagnostic 663(6)
List of Normal Values for Blood Tests and 669(4)
Other Laboratory Tests
References and Suggested Further Reading 673