L.イリガライ共編/新たな人間存在に向けて<br>Towards a New Human Being (1st ed. 2019. 2019. xxiii, 264 S. 1 SW-Abb. 210 mm)

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Towards a New Human Being (1st ed. 2019. 2019. xxiii, 264 S. 1 SW-Abb. 210 mm)

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Full Description

With my own introduction and epilogue, Towards a New Human Being gathers original essays by early career researchers and established academic figures in response to To Be Born, my most recent book. The contributors approach key issues of this book from their own scientific fields and perspectives - through calls for a different way of bringing up and educating children, the constitution of a new environmental and sociocultural milieu or the criticism of past metaphysics and the introduction of new themes into the philosophical horizon. However, all the essays which compose the volume correspond to proposals for the advent of a new human being - so answering the subtitle of To Be Born: Genesis of a New Human Being. To Be Born thus acts as a background from which each author had the opportunity to develop and think in their own way. As such Towards a New Human Being is part of a longer-term undertaking in which I engaged together and in dialogue with more or less confirmed thinkers with a view to giving birth to a new human being and building a new world.-Luce Irigaray

Table of Contents

Part I A Different Way of Bringing Up and
Educating Children
How to Lead a Child to Flower: Luce 3 (14)
Irigaray's Philosophy of the Growth of
Jennifer Carter
What a Child Can Teach Us 17 (18)
Maria Fannin
To Be Born a Girl? Irigaray, Sexuate 35 (16)
Identity and the Girl
Elspeth Mitchell
From Desire to Be Born to Desire for Being 51 (22)
Together in the Philosophy of Luce Irigaray
Katarzyna Szopa
Part II Constitution of a New Environment and
Sociocultural Milieu
Heidegger, the Fourfold and Luce Irigaray's 73 (18)
To Be Born: An Architectural Perspective
Andrea Wheeler
"Testimony Against the Whole": Examining 91 (18)
the Limits of Peace with Irigaray and
Harry Bregazzi
Politics of Relation, Politics of Love 109(20)
Emma Reed Jones
Original Wonder: An Irigarayan Reading of 129(18)
the Genesis Cosmology
Abigail Rine Favale
Faithful to Life 147(20)
Phyllis H. Kaminski
Part III Questioning the Philosophical
Background of Our Culture
Re-founding Philosophy with Self-Affection 167(18)
Andrew Bevan
Can Our Being in the World Remain in the 185(14)
Christos Hadjioannou
On Nietzsche and Pregnancy; The Beginning 199(22)
of the Genesis of a New Human Being
Katrina Mitcheson
Nothing Against Natality 221(22)
Mahon O'Brien
By Way of Epilogue: Some Words from the 243