History of Organ and Cell Transplantation

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History of Organ and Cell Transplantation

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Contents: The History of HLA and Transplantation Immunology; The History of Organ Donation and Sharing; The History of the Concept of Brain Death and Organ Preservation; The History of Kidney Transplantation; and more.

Full Description

Organ transplantation is the greatest therapeutic advancement of the second half of the 20th century. Of all medical specialities, the pioneers of transplantation make up the largest number of experts awarded with, or nominated for the Nobel Prize.Over the years, transplantation has fascinated the scientific community as well as the general public for a variety of reasons:* The development of transplantation has involved almost all medical specialities. In the history of medicine, there is perhaps no other example of such extensive co-operation and exchange of knowledge and experience among basic scientists, surgeons and physicians in achieving a common goal.* The progress of transplantation has forced doctors to "rewrite" medical textbooks dealing with a great spectrum of post-transplantation issues, such as the physiology of transplanted organs, the recurrence of initial disease in the transplanted organs, and the complications arising from immunosuppressive drugs, infectious diseases and cancer. Other issues raised concern maternity, child development, geriatric medicine and ethical issues.However, the history of this amazing field of modern medicine has never been thoroughly reported in a detailed textbook. History of Organ and Cell Transplantation covers this area of modern literature. It includes a foreword written by Lady Jean Medawar who is the wife of the late Sir Peter Medawar, Nobel Prize winner and first president of the International Transplantation Society.

Table of Contents

Contributors                                       xi
Foreword xv
Preface xvii
The History of HLA and Transplantation 1 (54)
Nancy L Reinsmoen
Frances E Ward
The History of Organ Donation and Sharing 55 (9)
Gauke Kootstra
The History of the Concept of Brain Death 64 (12)
and Organ Preservation
Vassilios E Papalois
Arthur J Matas
The History of Kidney Transplantation 76 (24)
Vassilios E Papalois
Nadey S Hakim
John S Najarian
The History of Liver Transplantation 100 (20)
Roy Y Calne
The History of Pancreas Transplantation 120 (32)
David ER Sutherland
Carl G Groth
A Short History of the Development of Islet 152 (19)
Derek WR Gray
The History of Intestinal Transplantation 171 (23)
Kareem Abu-Elmagd
The History of Heart Transplantation and 194 (15)
Heart Valve Transplantation
Timothy J Kroshus
Vibhu R Kshettry
The History of Lung Transplantation 209 (16)
Timothy J Kroshus
Vibhu R Kshettry
The History of Pediatric Solid Organ 225 (37)
Blanche Chavers
The History of Skin Transplantation 262 (12)
Felix T Rapaport
Jean Dausset
The History of Corneal Transplantation 274 (19)
Chad K Rostron
The History of Bone Marrow Transplantation 293 (16)
Shaun R McCann
The History of Arm Transplantation 309 (11)
Nadey S Hakim
The History of Xenotransplantation 320 (15)
Robert A Holzknecht
Jeffrey L Platt
The History of Immunosuppressive Drugs 335 (12)
Melissa Kamps
The History of Infectious Diseases in 347 (37)
Brendan Madden
The History of Ethical Issues in 384 (35)
R Randal Bollinger
Jeremy Sugarman
Index 419