Hampton Roads 1862 : First Clash of the Ironclads


Hampton Roads 1862 : First Clash of the Ironclads

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Full Description

During the winter of 1861-62, Confederate engineers transformed an old wooden steam frigate, the USS Merrimac, into a steam-powered ironclad warship, the CSS Virginia, capable of withstanding the fire of any other warship afloat. Overnight the CSS Virginia had rendered the old wooden fleets obsolete. While similar developments were taking place concurrently in Europe, it was in Hampton Roads, Virginia, that the first clash between two ironclads would take place. The result was one of the strangest naval battles of all time - a well-matched clash between two technically different and revolutionary warships. This book details why the battle of Hampton Roads has been seen as one of the most important navel battles in history, ushering in a new age of naval warfare and warship design.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       7 (1)
Chronology 8 (2)
Opposing Commanders 10(4)
Opposing Forces 14(12)
Background To the Battle 26(18)
War and Blockade
The Capture of Norfolk Navy Yard Converting
The Merrimac
Ericsson's Folly
The Long Voyage South Buchanan Takes Command
The Battle of Hampton Roads 44(43)
``Black Smoke In The Elizabeth River'' -
The Sortie Of The CSS Virginia, Saturday, 8
March 1862
``I Will Stand By You To The Last'' - The
First Clash Between The Ironclads, Sunday 9
Aftermath 87(4)
The Battlefield Today 91(3)
Select Bibliography 94(1)
Index 95