Peloponnesian War 431-404 Bc (Essential Histories)

Peloponnesian War 431-404 Bc (Essential Histories)

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The Classical Greeks are renowned for their achievements in literature, art and philosophy, but the events of the Peloponnesian War reveal the darker side of Greek civilization. From the horrific effects of overcrowding and the plague on the population of Athens, to the vicious civil strife that often erupted in cities allied with Athens or Sparta, this volume offers vivid and at times disturbing insights into the impact of warfare on the people who are celebrated as the founders of Western civilization. It is a testament to the fascination of the subject that even today the events of the Peloponnesian war are studied for what they can teach about diplomacy, strategy and tactics.


Introduction and Chronology - Background to war - Warring sides - Outbreak - The fighting - Portrait of a soldier - World around war - Portrait of a civilian - How the war ended - Conclusion and consequences