Lion Tamarins : Biology and Conservation (Zoo and Aquarium Biology and Conservation Series)


Lion Tamarins : Biology and Conservation (Zoo and Aquarium Biology and Conservation Series)

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Full Description

Without the extraordinary efforts of the editors and authors of this book, three of the four lion tamarin species (golden, golden-headed, black-faced, and black) would most likely be extinct. The contributors' hard work set international standards and became the model for the preservation of other endangered species. There is, of course, still much to be done, and this comprehensive assessment of research findings and conservation efforts leads the way. The first section of the book covers the history and framework of research and conservation for the four species, stressing the importance of both group and individual efforts. Part II examines the principal research fields that have played an important role in contributing to the management of the species in captivity and the wild; the authors maintain that there is no substitute for long-term data and good science when developing recovery and conservation programs. Part III focuses on direct interventions to conserve wild populations and their habitats as guided by scientific and educational principles.
Kleiman and Rylands close the book by noting the remarkable accomplishments of lion tamarin conservation, and look hopefully toward future directions and challenges.


Part 1 I. The History and Status of Lion Tamarins Chapter 2 1. A History of Lion Tamarin Research and Conservation Chapter 3 2. Distribution and Status of Lion Tamarins Chapter 4 3. The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations and the International Committee for the Conservation and Management of Leontopithecus in Lion Tamarin Conservation Chapter 5 4. History, Management, and Conservation Role of the Captive Lion Tamarin Populations Part 6 II. The Biology of Lion Tamarins Chapter 7 5. Genetics and Evolution of Lion Tamarins Chapter 8 6. Lion Tamarin Reproductive Biology Chapter 9 7. Behavioral Ecology of Lion Tamarins Chapter 10 8. Mating System and Group Dynamics in Lion Tamarins Chapter 11 9. Infant Care in Lion Tamarins Chapter 12 10. Conspicuousness and Complexity: Themes in Lion Tamarin Communication Chapter 13 11. Diseases of Lion Tamarins Part 14 III. Conservation and Management of Lion Tamarins in the Wild Chapter 15 12. Reintroduction and Translocation as Conservation Tools for Golden Lion Tamarins Chapter 16 13. The Effects of Prerelease Environments and Postrelease Management on Survivorship in Reintroduced Golden Lion Tamarins Chapter 17 14. Metapopulation management for the Conservation of Black Lion Tamarins Chapter 18 15. In Situ Conservation Education and the Lion Tamarins Chapter 19 16. Lion Tamarin Biology and Conservation: A Synthesis and Challenges for the Future