The Youth Sports Crisis : Out-of-Control Adults, Helpless Kids


The Youth Sports Crisis : Out-of-Control Adults, Helpless Kids

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Full Description

This provocative critique of the youth sports movement examines the various issues surrounding children in sports and provides a plan for reform based on a change in philosophy and practice.* Contains a separate chapter on youth football that highlights the toxic elements of the sport * Features a comprehensive bibliography of some 275 sources containing scholarly and popular books, periodicals, conference papers, and online resources* Offers a comprehensive view on the topic, including the expenses, injuries, and exploitation by coaches* Explores the damaging culture of hypermasculinity inherent in boys sports

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Youth Sports                 1  (22)
What Motivates Youth Sports Participation? 8 (5)
Do Youth Sports Develop Character? 13 (10)
2 Youth Sports for Adults 23 (24)
The Adult Takeover of Children's Sports 23 (9)
The Youth Sports Coach, for Better or 32 (8)
The Commercialization of Youth Sports 40 (7)
3 The Child Athlete's Family 47 (22)
The Youth Sports Family 47 (6)
The Sports Parent: Soccer Moms and Dugout 53 (8)
Are Youth Sports Overpriced? 61 (3)
Youth Sports as College Prep 64 (5)
4 The Child Athlete as Miniature Adult 69 (24)
The Hurried Child Athlete 69 (10)
Toddler Sports 79 (3)
The Child Athlete as Specialist 82 (3)
The Overscheduled Child Athlete 85 (5)
Sports Camps and Academies 90 (3)
5 Youth Sports May Be Hazardous to Your 93 (34)
Child's Physical Health
Unnecessary Roughness: Youth Sports 93 (17)
Violence in Youth Sports 110(5)
Do Youth Sports Promote Unhealthy Eating? 115(5)
Do Youth Sports Promote Fitness? 120(7)
6 Youth Sports May Be Hazardous to Your 127(24)
Child's Emotional Health
The Youth Sports Athlete under Stress 127(5)
Youth Sports and the Shaping of 132(5)
Youth Sports as Child Abuse 137(10)
Quitters Never Win: Burnouts and Dropouts 147(4)
7 The Toxic Elements in Youth Sports 151(24)
Youth Sports as Drudgery 151(3)
Youth Sports as Child Labor 154(3)
Winning Is Everything: Competition Out of 157(10)
Youth Sports as Elitism 167(8)
8 So You Want Your Son to Play Football 175(22)
A Portrait of Youth Football and Its 175(4)
Youth Football Coaches: Amateurs and 179(3)
Bigger Is Better: Overweight Players 182(2)
No Pain, No Gain: A Plague of Injuries 184(8)
Does Playing Football Promote Bad Behavior 192(2)
Do You Want Your Son to Play Football? 194(3)
9 Concluding Thoughts: Reform or Re-Form 197(8)
Notes 205(36)
Index 241