Allegiance to Liberty : The Changing Face of Patriots, Militias, and Political Violence in America

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Allegiance to Liberty : The Changing Face of Patriots, Militias, and Political Violence in America

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Full Description

This provocative volume explores how and why the word "patriot" has been appropriated by those who fight against the U.S. government-sometimes advocating violence in support of their goals.* Addresses the wide range of "patriot" groups currently active in the United States, covering their origins and current activities and what they reveal about America's political state* Profiles well-known patriot groups * Discusses the political, economic, and social dynamics that perpetuate the growth of these movements * Explores how and why such groups evolved from guardians of the principles of restrained government to proponents of radicalized violence against those they see as being in opposition to their beliefs* Overviews the congruence of patriotism and political violence in U.S. history, such as how disillusionment in the wake of the Civil War provided fodder for the forming of the Klu Klux Klan

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       ix
Plan of the Book xvi
Notes xix
Chapter 1 What Is A Patriot? 1 (38)
Supporter or Factious Disturber? 1 (6)
Republicanism and the Patriot 7 (1)
Creating the Patriot Magnum Opus---the 8 (1)
Road to the Construction of the U.S.
Shays' Rebellion 9 (7)
Portending the Patriot Future: The 16 (2)
Federalist--Antifederalist Debate
Citizen Jefferson and the Cult of the 18 (10)
After the Fight: Will the Real Patriot 28 (4)
Please Stand Up?
Who Were the Patriots? 32 (1)
Notes 33 (6)
Chapter 2 Sowing The Seeds Of Discontent 39 (24)
The Supreme Court and the Expansion of 39 (2)
Federal Power
The Missouri Compromise of 1820 41 (2)
Enter John C. Calhoun: Defender or 43 (5)
From Nullification to the Civil War 48 (4)
The U.S. Civil War and Its Aftermath 52 (4)
Roosevelt and the New Deal 56 (2)
Notes 58 (5)
Chapter 3 The Creation Of The Contemporary 63 (40)
The 1950s: Expansive Government and the 63 (5)
Threat of Communism
The 1960s: A "New Frontier" for Social 68 (1)
and Political Change
Barry Goldwater, John Birch, and the 69 (3)
The 1970s: The Rise of the Political 72 (20)
Left---Patriots in the Extreme
The Reasons for Political Violence 92 (2)
Notes 94 (9)
Chapter 4 Rise: The Inspiration For The New 103(36)
Patriot Of The Late 20th Century And Beyond
The Breeding Ground for Violence 103(3)
The Common Law Court Movement 106(3)
The Posse Comitatus 109(4)
Shocks to the Liberal Ideal: The Rise of 113(2)
the Political Right
The 1980s Farm Crisis 115(4)
Christian Identity 119(3)
The Order (Inspired by The Turner Diaries) 122(6)
The Election of William Jefferson Clinton 128(1)
The New World Order 129(2)
Notes 131(8)
Chapter 5 Striking The Match 139(94)
Ruby Ridge 139(9)
The Branch Davidians and the Siege at Waco 148(11)
The Formation of the Militia of Montana 159(4)
Montana Freemen 163(3)
Michigan Militia 166(5)
The Making of a Patriot: Timothy McVeigh 171(12)
and the Oklahoma City Bombing
The 1990s---the Decade of the Patriot 183(3)
Y2K and the Patriot Movement 186(6)
Notes 192(15)
Conclusion: Whither The Patriot? 207(7)
Patriot Place: What Does the 21st Century 214(4)
They're Still Here: What's Out There 218(13)
From Here to There: Whither the Patriot? 231(2)
Notes 233(6)
Index 239