Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances (2-Volume Set) : Chemical Paths to Spirituality and to God (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)

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Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances (2-Volume Set) : Chemical Paths to Spirituality and to God (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)

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Full Description

Can drugs be used intelligently and responsibly to expand human consciousness and heighten spirituality? This two-volume work presents objective scientific information and personal stories aiming to answer the question.* Includes coverage of a variety of drugs, most of which are currently illegal in the United States, accompanied by scientific explanations of how they spur spiritual experiences* Offers compelling narratives from individuals-both laypeople and professionals-who found new dimensions within their lives and heightened their spirituality by the use of entheogens* Supplies information about medical experiments and new treatment modes that provide definitive breakthrough methods for caring for suffering people

Table of Contents

Volume 1 History and Practices
Series Editor's Foreword ix
Foreword xi
Dr. Alexander Riegel
Acknowledgments xvii
Introduction xix
J. Harold Ellens
Chapter 1 From the 500-Year Blizzard of 1 (22)
Words to Personal Sacred Experiences---The
New Religious Era
Thomas B. Roberts
Chapter 2 The Magic and Ceremonial Use of 23 (34)
Cannabis in the Ancient World
Chris Bennett
Chapter 3 The Greek Hero and Herbal 57 (16)
Fantasies: Entheogenic Theriomorphism and
the Hero Myth
Carl A. P. Ruck
Chapter 4 Aristophanes's Parody of Socrates 73 (20)
as a Pothead and the Spartan Cult of the
Carl A. P. Ruck
Chapter 5 Drug-Induced Ecstatic Priapism 93 (20)
(DIEP): A Pharmaceutical Craft of Ancient
David Hillman
Chapter 6 Sex, Snake Venoms, and Cult: The 113 (16)
Use of Compound Psychotropics by
Greco-Roman Priestesses
David Hillman
Chapter 7 Shamanic Consciousness and Human 129 (28)
Michael Winkelman
Chapter 8 The Hidden Manna: The Psychedelic 157 (24)
Sacrament in Medieval Roman Catholicism
Dan Merkur
Chapter 9 Stairways to Heaven: Drugs in 181 (26)
American Religious History
Robert C. Fuller
Chapter 10 The Formation of Hippie
1 Union with God 207 (32)
Dan Merkur
Chapter 11 The Formation of Hippie
2 Furthur and Further 239 (52)
Dan Merkur
Chapter 12 Heaven and Hell 291 (8)
Clark Heinrich
Chapter 13 The Bright Darkness---Personal 299 (20)
Insights into the Entheogenic Use of
Julian Vayne
Chapter 14 Psychedelic Use and Contemporary 319 (22)
Buddhist Practice: Personal Insights and a
Public Dialogue
James Fadiman
Kokyo Henkel
Chapter 15 Evolutionary Views of 341 (24)
Entheogenic Consciousness
Michael Winkelman
Chapter 16 Variety of Religious Paths in 365 (16)
Psychedelic Literature
Robert Dickins
Chapter 17 Psychoactive Substances and 381 (14)
Sacred Values: Reconsidering Abraham
Maslow's Discoveries
David Steindl-Rast
Chapter 18 Methodological Issues in the Use 395
of Psychedelics in Religious Rituals
Ralph W. Hood Jr.
Index 411 (30)
About the Series Editor and Advisors 441 (4)
About the Editor and Contributors 445
Volume 2 Insights, Arguments, and
Series Editor's Foreword ix
Foreword xi
Dr. Alexander Riegel
Acknowledgments xvii
Introduction xix
J. Harold Ellens
Chapter 1 The Rebirth of Research with 1 (14)
Entheogens: Lessons from the Past and
Hypotheses for the Future
William A. Richards
Chapter 2 Entheogens in the Study of 15 (14)
Religious Experiences: Current Status
William A. Richards
Chapter 3 Psilocybin Research at Johns 29 (16)
Hopkins: A 2014 Report
Robert Jesse
Roland R. Griffiths
Chapter 4 Shamanic Induction of Altered 45 (10)
States for Spiritual Inspiration
Carl A. P. Ruck
Chapter 5 The Therapeutic Use of Peyote in 55 (16)
the Native American Church
Joseph D. Calabrese
Chapter 6 "One Heart": Personal Insights 71 (30)
into Spiritual Dimensions of Participation
in Contemporary Ayahuasca Rituals
Evgenia Fotiou
Chapter 7 The UDV Religion, Science, and 101 (14)
Academic Research
Beatriz Caiuby Labate
Rosa Melo
Chapter 8 Implications of LSD and 115 (32)
Experimental Mysticism
Walter N. Pahnke
William A. Richards
Chapter 9 Personal Experiences with 147 (22)
Psychoactive Agents: Our First Time
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Stanley Krippner
Chapter 10 The Religious Use of Psychedelic 169 (10)
Experiences in Shamanism and the Question
of the Value and Validity of Such
Roger Walsh
Chapter 11 Chemically Facilitated Mysticism 179 (22)
and the Question of Veridicality
Ralph W. Hood Jr.
Chapter 12 Psychedelic Spirituality and 201 (18)
Dan Merkur
Chapter 13 The Mystical Core of Organized 219 (8)
David Steindl-Rast
Chapter 14 Reflections on the Mystery of 227 (24)
Death and Rebirth in LSD Therapy
Christopher M. Bache
Chapter 15 Psilocybin and Mystical 251 (34)
Experience: Implications for the
Alleviation of Existential and
Psycho-Spiritual Distress at the End of Life
Anthony P. Bossis
Chapter 16 Luther's "A Mighty Fortress is 285 (6)
Our God"---Insights from Grof's Perinatal
Thomas B. Roberts
Chapter 17 Psychedelic Research: Past, 291 (12)
Present, and Future
Stanislav Grof
Chapter 18 A New Means for Perennial Ends: 303 (22)
Self-Transcendent Experiences and
Noninvasive Brain Stimulation
David B. Yaden
Andrew B. Newberg
Chapter 19 Chemical Paths to Spirituality: 325 (20)
Philosophical, Legal, and Religious
Robert C. Fuller
Index 345 (24)
About the Series Editor and Advisors 369 (4)
About the Editor and Contributors 373