UFAW実験動物のケアと管理ハンドブック(第9版)<br>The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals (Ufaw Animal Welfare) (9TH)

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The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals (Ufaw Animal Welfare) (9TH)

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Full Description

The latest edition of the seminal reference on the care and management of laboratory and research animals

The newly revised ninth edition of The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals delivers an up-to-date and authoritative exploration on worldwide developments, current thinking, and best practices in the field of laboratory animal welfare science and technology.

The gold standard in laboratory and captive animal care and management references, this latest edition continues the series' tradition of excellence by including brand-new chapters on ethical review, the care of aged animals, and fresh guidance on the care of mole rats, corvids, zebrafish, and decapods.

The book offers introductory chapters covering a variety of areas of laboratory animal use, as well as chapters on the management and care of over 30 different taxa of animals commonly utilised in scientific procedures and research around the world. It also provides:

A thorough introduction to the design of animal experiments, laboratory animal genetics, and the phenotyping of genetically modified mice
Comprehensive explorations of animal welfare assessment and the ethical review process
Practical discussions of legislation and oversight of the conduct of research using animals from a global perspective
In-depth examinations of the planning, design, and construction of efficient animal facilities, special housing arrangements, and nutrition, feeding, and animal welfare

The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals Ninth Edition is essential for laboratory animal scientists, veterinarians, animal care staff, animal care regulatory authorities, legislators, and professionals working in animal welfare non-governmental organizations.


List of contributors vii

Foreword xi

1 Introduction 1
Claire Richardson and Huw Golledge

Part 1 Implementing the Three Rs in research using animals 3

2 The Three Rs 5
Adrian Smith and Jon Richmond

3 The design of animal experiments 23
Simon T. Bate and S. Clare Stanford

4 An introduction to laboratory animal genetics 40
Michelle Stewart and Sara Wells

5 Phenotyping of genetically modified mice 54
Jan-Bas Prins and Sara Wells

6 Brief introduction to welfare assessment: a 'toolbox' of techniques 64
Jennifer Lofgren

7 Welfare and 'best practice' in field studies of wildlife 84
Julie Lane and Robbie A. McDonald

8 Legislation and oversight of the conduct of research using animals: a global overview 101
Kathryn Bayne, Javier Guillen, Malcolm P. France and Timothy H. Morris

9 Planning, design and construction of the modern animal facility 122
Ken Applebee, Christopher Sear and Steven Cubitt

10 Environmental enrichment: animal welfare and scientific validity 137
Hanno Würbel and Janja Novak

11 Special housing arrangements 150
Mike Dennis

12 Transportation of laboratory animals 171
Sonja T. Chou, Donna Clemons, Nicolas Dudoignon, Guy Mulder and Aleksandar Popovic

13 Nutrition, feeding and animal welfare 191
Graham Tobin and Annette Schuhmacher

14 Attaining competence in the care of animals used in research 220
Bryan Howard and Marcel Gyger

15 The use of positive reinforcement training techniques to enhance the care and welfare oflaboratory and research animals 236
Gail Laule

16 3Rs considerations when using ageing animals in science 251
J. Norman Flynn, Linda Horan, Carl S. Tucker, David Robb and Michael J.A. Wilkinson

17 Euthanasia and other fates for laboratory animals 268
Huw Golledge

18 Ethics review of animal research 281
I. Anna S. Olsson and Peter Sandøe

Appendix 294
Penny Hawkins and Maggy Jennings

Part 2 Species kept in the laboratory 297

Mammals 299

19 The laboratory opossum 301
John L. VandeBerg and Sarah Williams-Blangero

20 Tree Shrews 324
Eberhard Fuchs

Rodentia and Lagomorpha 340

21 The laboratory mouse: Biology, behaviour, enrichment and welfare: first principles and realsolutions for laboratory mice 340
Kathleen R. Pritchett-Corning and Joseph P. Garner

22 The laboratory rat 379
Sietse F. de Boer and Jaap M. Koolhaas

23 The laboratory gerbil 400
Elke Scheibler

24 The Syrian hamster 419
Christina Winnicker and K.R. Pritchett-Corning

25 Voles 430
Petra Kirsch

26 The naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber) 442
Chris G. Faulkes

Appendix A 459

27 The guinea pig 465
Sylvia Kaiser, Christine Krüger and Norbert Sachser

28 The laboratory rabbit 484
Lena Lidfors and Therese Edström

Carnivora 506

29 The ferret 506
Maggie Lloyd

30 The laboratory dog 518
Laura Scullion Hall and Jackie Boxall

31 The domestic cat 546
Emma Desforges

Ungulates 570

32 Pigs and minipigs 570
Adrian Zeltner and Henrik Duelund Pedersen

33 Cattle 596
Ute Weyer and Shellene Hurley

34 Sheep and goats 609
Colin L. Gilbert and Cathy M. Dwyer

35 The Horse 628
Heather Ewence and Fleur Whitlock

Non-Human Primates 662

36 The mouse lemurs 662
Jennifer Wittkowski, Annette Klein, Annika Kollikowski, Marina Scheumann, Daniel Schmidtke, Elke Zimmermann and Ute Radespiel

37 Marmosets and tamarins 683
Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith

38 Capuchin monkeys 707
James R. Anderson, Elisabetta Visalberghi and Arianna Manciocco

39 Old world monkeys 721
Jaco Bakker, Annet L. Louwerse, Marit K. Vernes and Jan A.M. Langermans

Birds 739

40 The domestic fowl 741
Ian J.H. Duncan

41 The Japanese quail 762
Rusty Lansford and Kimberly M. Cheng

42 The zebra finch 787
Ruedi G. Nager, Michael J.A. Wilkinson and Graham Law

43 Pigeons and doves 807
Stephen E.G. Lea, Anthony McGregor, Mark Haselgrove and Catriona M.E. Ryan

44 The European starling 824
Melissa Bateson

45 Corvids 839
Rachael Miller, Martina Schiestl and Nicola S. Clayton

Reptiles and Amphibia 853

46 Terrestrial reptiles: lizards, snakes and tortoises 855
John E. Cooper

47 An amphibian 'laboratory model', Xenopus 881
Richard Tinsley

Fish 905

48 Fishes 907
Sonia Rey Planellas and Carlos Garcia de Leaniz

49 Zebrafish 933
Carole Wilson

Cephalopoda 957

50 Cephalopoda 959
Meghan Holst, Ryan B. Howard and Robyn J. Crook

Decapoda 991

51 Decapod crustaceans 993
Robert W. Elwood and Ray W. Ingle

Index 1012