Conciliarism : A History of Decision-Making in the Church

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Conciliarism : A History of Decision-Making in the Church

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Full Description

Conciliarism is one of the oldest and most essential means of decision-making in the history of the Christian church. Indeed, as a leading Orthodox theologian Alexander Schmemann states, 'Before we understand the place and the function of the council in the church, we must, therefore, see the church herself as a council.' Paul Valliere tells the story of councils and conciliar decision-making in the Christian church from earliest times to the present. Drawing extensively upon the scholarship on conciliarism which has appeared in the last half-century, Valliere brings a broad ecumenical perspective to the study and shows how the conciliar tradition of the Christian past can serve as a resource for resolving conflicts in the church today. The book presents a conciliarism which involves historical legacy, but which leads us forward, not backward, and which keeps the church's collective eyes on the prize - the eschatological kingdom of God.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
List of abbreviations xi
Introduction 1 (19)
By schisms rent asunder 2 (5)
Conciliar fellowship 7 (9)
The Anglican case 16 (4)
1 The conciliar testament 20 (29)
Early Christianity as a proto-conciliar 20 (10)
network of churches
Early Christian cosmopolitanism 30 (4)
Diversity and unity in early Christianity 34 (4)
The New Testament as a conciliar 38 (4)
Acts 10-15: decision-making in the church 42 (7)
2 The conciliar tradition 49 (70)
The origin of councils 49 (6)
Conflicts, councils and catholicism 55 (14)
Conciliarism and the Christian state 69 (21)
Councils as a tradition 90 (14)
Conciliar spirituality 104(15)
3 The conciliar theory 119(43)
Councils and the papacy in the early 119(4)
Middle Ages
Legal rationality and papal lawgivers 123(9)
Eastern conciliarism in the Middle Ages 132(5)
The Conciliarist challenge 137(12)
Catholic concordance 149(13)
4 Conciliarism in Anglican experience 162(59)
Conciliarism in the English Reformation 163(13)
Conciliarism and the making of the 176(21)
Anglican Communion
The problem of authority in Anglicanism 197(24)
5 The Pan-Anglican Council 221(24)
Councils and conscience 221(5)
Councils and constitutionalism 226(6)
The Pan-Anglican Council 232(13)
Conclusion 245(7)
Bibliography 252(19)
Index 271