Innovation and the Communications Revolution : From the Victorian pioneers to broadband Internet (History and Management of Technology)


Innovation and the Communications Revolution : From the Victorian pioneers to broadband Internet (History and Management of Technology)

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Full Description

This book describes the stage-by-stage creation and development, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, of the remarkable global communications technologies that have profoundly transformed the way that people live and work.

Written in a highly readable style, this book provides a fascinating account of the key innovators from Faraday, Maxwell and Hertz to the inventors of the transistor, microchip, optical fibre systems and the World Wide Web. The book explores the background and motivation of these pioneers and the social and economic environment in which they worked. The significance of each innovative step is shown in terms of the impact - in scale and relevance - on today's communications world. John Bray also looks to the future for innovations yet to come.

This book will be interest to all those interested in the human thread running through the history of technological advances in telecommunications and broadcasting.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Creators of the mathematical and scientific foundations
Chapter 3: The first telegraph and cable engineers
Chapter 4: The first telephone engineers
Chapter 5: Inventors of the thermionic valve
Chapter 6: The telegraph-telephone frequency-division multiplex transmission engineers
Chapter 7: Pioneers of radio communication
Chapter 8: Pioneers of sound radio broadcasting
Chapter 9: Pioneers of television broadcasting
Chapter 10: The engineers of the early multi-channel telephony coaxial cable systems: the first trans-Atlantic telephone cable
Chapter 11: The first microwave radio-relay engineers
Chapter 12: The inventors of the transistor and the microchip: a world-wide revolution in electronics
Chapter 13: The creators of information theory, pulse-code modulation and digital techniques
Chapter 14: The pioneers of electro-mechanical and computer-controlled electronic exchange switching systems
Chapter 15: The first satellite communication engineers
Chapter 16: Pioneers of long-distance waveguide systems: an unfulfilled vision
Chapter 17: Pioneers of optical fibre communication systems: the first trans- Atlantic system
Chapter 18: Inventors of the visual telecommunication systems
Chapter 19: Information technology and services: data communication
Chapter 20: Growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web
Chapter 21: The development of the mobile radio service
Chapter 22: Telecommunications and the future