Civil-Military Relations in Latin America : New Analytical Perspectives


Civil-Military Relations in Latin America : New Analytical Perspectives

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Full Description

The armed forces may no longer rule nations throughout Latin America, but they continue to influence democratic governments across the region. In nine original, thought-provoking essays, this book offers fresh theoretical insights into the dilemmas facing Latin American politicians as they struggle to gain full control over their military institutions. Latin America has changed in profound ways since the end of the Cold War, the re-emergence of democracy, and the ascendancy of free-market economies and trade blocs. The contributors to this volume recognize the necessity of finding intellectual approaches that speak to these transformations. They utilize a wide range of contemporary models to analyze recent political and economic reform in nations throughout Latin America, presenting case studies on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, and Venezuela. Bridging the gap between Latin American studies and political science, these essays not only explore the forces that shape civil-military relations in Latin America but also address larger questions of political development and democratization in the region.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           xi
Abraham F. Lowenthal
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1 (35)
David Pion-Berlin
Reason, Culture, or Structure?: Assessing 36 (23)
Civil-Military Dynamics in Brazil
Wendy Hunter
Military Attitudes toward Democracy in Latin 59 (29)
America: How Do We Know If Anything Has
J. Samuel Fitch
Latin America: Objective and Subjective 88 (20)
Control Revisited
Ernesto Lopez
The Organizational Dynamics of Militaries and 108 (27)
Military Movements: Paths to Power in
Deborah L. Norden
Civil-Military Circumvention: How Argentine 135 (26)
State Institutions Compensate for a Weakened
Chain of Command
David Pion-Berlin
Crafting Civilian Control in Argentina and 161 (33)
Harold A. Trinkunas
Institutions, Transitions, and Bargaining: 194 (29)
Civilians and the Military in Shaping
Post-authoritarian Regimes
Felipe Aguero
Latin American Economic Integration and 223 (23)
Democratic Control of the Military: Is There
a Symbiotic Relationship?
David R. Mares
Historical Foundations of Civil-Military 246 (29)
Relations in Spanish America
Brain Loveman
Bibliography 275 (16)
Contributors 291 (2)
Index 293