Developing Constructivist Early Childhood Curriculum : Practical Principals and Activities (Early Childhood Education, 81)


Developing Constructivist Early Childhood Curriculum : Practical Principals and Activities (Early Childhood Education, 81)

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Full Description

This work provides a constructivist interpretation of developmentally appropriate curriculum in early childhood education. It provides the theoretical rationale and the practical advice for conducting specific activities in the classroom.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Introduction 1 (2)
Rheta DeVries
PART I Understanding Constructivist Education 3 (66)
Rheta DeVries
The Political Problem with Play-Oriented 3 (7)
Conclusion 10 (3)
Play in the Early Education Curriculum: Four 13 (22)
Rheta DeVries
Classroom Types A and B: Emphasis on 14 (7)
Classroom Types C and D: Emphasis on 21 (11)
Conclusion 32 (3)
What Is Constructivist Education? Definition 35 (18)
and Principles of Teaching
Rheta DeVries
Rebecca Edmiaston
Betty Zan
Carolyn Hildebrandt
General Principles of Teaching 36 (15)
Conclusion 51 (2)
Assessing and Documenting Learning in 53 (16)
Constructivist Classrooms
Rebecca Edmiaston
Assessment and Documentation in Classroom 53 (3)
Types A, B, C, and D
Principles for Conducting Meaningful 56 (8)
Communicating Assessment Findings 64 (2)
Conclusion 66 (3)
Rheta DeVries
Stages in Children's Reasoning About 69 (1)
Physical Objects
Criteria for Good Physical-Knowledge 70 (1)
Principles of Teaching 71 (3)
Conclusion 74 (3)
Casting Shadows 77 (24)
Rheta DeVries
Betty Zan
Rebecca Edmiaston
Karen Wohlwend
Shadow Activities in Classroom Types A, B, 77 (2)
C, and D
Shadows as Physical-Knowledge Activities 79 (1)
Children's Conceptions of Shadows 80 (4)
Initiating Shadows Investigation 84 (2)
Principles of Teaching 86 (12)
Conclusion 98 (3)
Exploring the Art and Science of Musical 101(20)
Carolyn Hildebrandt
Betty Zan
Three Approaches to Making Musical 102(1)
Instruments with Children
Introduction to the Physics of Sound 103(4)
Goals for Children 107(1)
Principles of Teaching 108(2)
Two-Musical-Instrument-Making Activities 110(8)
Conclusion 118(3)
Cooking Transformations 121(20)
Betty Zan
Rebecca Edmiaston
Christina Sales
Cooking in Classroom Types A, B, C, and D 121(4)
Bringing Cooking into the Classroom 125(2)
Principles of Teaching 127(7)
Integrating Curriculum in Constructivist 134(5)
Cooking Activities
Conclusion 139(2)
Experimenting with Draining and Movement of 141(24)
Water in Tubes
Rheta DeVries
Hyang Lim Kwak
Christina Sales
The Emergent Development of Materials, 143(16)
Activities, and Objectives
Principles of Teaching 159(3)
Conclusion 162(3)
Developing Geometric Reasoning Using Pattern 165(16)
Christina Sales
Carolyn Hildebrandt
Materials and Objectives 166(3)
Comparing Geometric Activities in Classroom 169(2)
Types A, B, C, and D
A Pattern Block Project in a Type D 171(1)
Preschool Classroom
Goals for Children Engaging in Type D 172(6)
Pattern Block Activities
Principles of Teaching 178(2)
Conclusion 180(1)
Rheta DeVries
Betty Zan
Carolyn Hildebrandt
Group Games in Types A, B, C, and D 182(1)
Developmental Stages in Game Playing 183(2)
The Construction of Logico-Mathematical 185(1)
The Role of Contradiction 186(1)
The Issue of Competition 187(1)
Principles of Teaching 188(5)
Using Group Games to Teach Mathematics 193(18)
Carolyn Hildebrandt
Betty Zan
What Is a Math Game? 193(1)
What Is the Value of Group Games in 194(1)
Teaching Mathematics?
Goals for Children 195(2)
Playing Math Games in a Preschool Classroom 197(11)
Conclusion 208(3)
Variations on a Checkers Theme 211(14)
Betty Zan
A Checkers Story 211(11)
Progress Revealed in Checkers Play 222(2)
Conclusion 224(1)
Epilogue 225(4)
Rheta DeVries
Appendix Stages in Children's Reasoning About 229(4)
Rheta DeVries
References 233(8)
Index 241(8)
About the Authors 249