Ideology and Modern Culture : Critical Social Theory in the Era of Mass Communication


Ideology and Modern Culture : Critical Social Theory in the Era of Mass Communication

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Full Description

In this major work, informed by materials from several disciplines and theoretical orientations, the author develops a distinctive new account of the theory of ideology and relates it to the analysis of culture and mass communication in modern societies.In the two centuries since is first appeared in France, the concept of ideology has undergone many transformations. It has been twisted, reformulated, recast, and finally filtered back into the everyday language of social and political life. Although there is much that is misleading and erroneous in the traditions of ideology, the author shows that it still defines a terrain of analysis that remains central to contemporary social sciences and continues to be the site of lively theoretical debate.The key to his analysis is what he terms the "mediazation" of the culture-the general process by which the transmission of symbolic forms becomes increasingly reliant on the technical and institutional apparatuses of the media industries. Building on the work of Geertz and others, the author asserts that symbolic forms are embedded in such structured social contexts as power relations, forms of conflict, and inequalities in the distribution of resources, and that any discussion of mass communication must embrace its political as well as epistemological content.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Introduction 1 (27)
The Concept of Ideology 28 (46)
Ideology and the Ideologues 29 (4)
Marx's Conceptions of Ideology 33 (11)
From Ideology to the Sociology of Knowledge 44 (8)
Rethinking Ideology: A Critical Conception 52 (15)
Reply to Some Possible Objections 67 (7)
Ideology in Modern Societies 74 (48)
A Critical Analysis of Some Theoretical
Ideology and the Modern Era 76 (9)
Ideology and Social Reproduction 85 (12)
The Critique of the Culture Industry 97 (12)
The Transformation of the Public Sphere 109(13)
The Concept of Culture 122(41)
Culture and Civilization 124(3)
Anthropological Conceptions of Culture 127(8)
Rethinking Culture: A Structural Conception 135(11)
The Social Contextualization of Symbolic 146(8)
The Valorization of Symbolic Forms 154(9)
Cultural Transmission and Mass Communication 163(53)
The Development of the Media Industries
Aspects of Cultural Transmission 164(7)
Writing, Printing and the Rise of the Trade 171(11)
in News
The Development of Broadcasting 182(11)
Recent Trends in the Media Industries 193(12)
The Social Impact of New Communication 205(11)
Towards a Social Theory of Mass Communication 216(56)
Some Characteristics of Mass Communication 218(7)
Mass Communication and Social Interaction 225(13)
Reconstituting the Boundaries between 238(10)
Public and Private Life
Mass Communication between Market and State 248(16)
Rethinking Ideology in the Era of Mass 264(8)
The Methodology of Interpretation 272(56)
Some Hermeneutical Conditions of 274(3)
Social-Historical Inquiry
The Methodological Framework of Depth 277(14)
The Interpretation of Ideology 291(12)
Analysing Mass Communication: The 303(10)
Tripartite Approach
The Everyday Appropriation of Mass-Mediated 313(7)
Interpretation, Self-Reflection and Critique 320(8)
Conclusion: Critical Theory and Modern Societies 328(4)
Notes 332(21)
Index 353