Kitchen Science (Science and Scientists)

Kitchen Science (Science and Scientists)

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Full Description

Have you every wondered how space rockets are launched? Why chilies are hot? How crimes are solved? This series puts the spotlight on science in the World around us. In addition to exploring a variety of science phenomena, each book contains a mini experiment, a profile of a scientist working in this field, and a historical time line of related scientific events. How does a microwave work? Why does food spoil? What makes cakes and bread rise? Investigate topics ranging from the chemicals found in various foods to the process of cooking or baking.

Table of Contents

  Have you ever wondered . . .?                    4 (2)
How does cooking work? 6 (2)
Kitchen chemicals 8 (1)
Meet a food scientist 9 (1)
Are cakes really made of chemicals? 10(2)
How do your senses work? 12(2)
Why do we need food? 14(2)
Microorganisms 16(2)
Keeping food cool 18(2)
What did people do without refrigerators? 20(2)
Food processing 22(2)
How does detergent do its work? 24(2)
Kitchen tools 26(2)
Kitchen safety 28(2)
Kitchen science timeline 30(1)
Glossary 31(1)
Index 32