Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research (The Foundation Series in Business Marketing)


Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research (The Foundation Series in Business Marketing)

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Full Description

Get a thorough review of vital research issues! Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research examines recent industrial/business research, evaluates its current effectiveness, and offers suggestions for future use. This unique book includes and is based on "Business Marketing: A Twenty Year Review," a thorough study of industrial/business research from 1978-1997 with critical commentary from a distinguished panel of business academics and the response of the study's authors. The combination of critiques, insights, and viewpoints will challenge you to think beyond the traditional role of B2B marketing into a future that's anything but business as usual. Through an unusual format that gives you access to critical academic analysis, Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research presents a comprehensive review of vital research areas, including marketing to businesses/institutions/governments; buyer-seller relationships; computer use for business marketing; industrial segmentation; channel management and development; physical distribution; advertising; and public relations. The book's give-and-take is equally focused on areas that have traditionally received a larger share of the research effort (organizational buyer behavior, business marketing strategy and planning, industrial selling and sales management) and those that have taken a back seat in terms of research attention (computers and ethical business marketing). The original study, its criticisms, and the authors' subsequent assessment spotlight major themes, individual contributions, and future trends in major topic areas, including: business marketing strategy organizational buying behavior and purchasing management business marketing research methodology products/services pricing management issues distribution/logistics and supply chain management promotion Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research is equally effective as a practical guide for professionals and researchers, and as an academic text for doctoral studies.


About the Authors Contributors Series Preface Introduction (J. David Lichtenthal) Executive Summary Some Suggestions on How to Most Effectively Read and Use this Comprehensive Literature Review An Overview of the Commentaries and Reply Business Marketing Comes of Age: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature Introduction and Methodology Analysis of the Database Marketing Strategy Business Market Planning and Strategy International Business Marketing Marketing to the Government Marketing and Other Functions Ethics Miscellaneous Organizational Buying Purchasing Management Organizational Buying Behavior Buyer-Seller Relationships Summary of Organizational Buying Research Marketing Sciences Market Research Forecasting Market Segmentation Computers and Decision Support Summary of Marketing Sciences Research Product New Product Development and Diffusion Product Management Services Summary of Product/Services Research Pricing Empirical Studies Normative Studies Summary of Pricing Research Distribution Channel Management Logistics and Physical Distribution Summary of Distribution Research Marketing Communications Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations General Promotion Personal Selling Sales Training Sales Motivation and Rewards General Sales Management Summary of Marketing Communications Research Summary Research Issues Marketing Planning and Strategy Organizational Buying and Purchasing Research Marketing Sciences Product/Services Pricing Channels and Logistics Promotion Limitations Conclusions A Commentary on Business Marketing: A Twenty-Year Review and an Invitation for Continued Dialogue Introduction and the Call for Debate A Critique of the Process: The View from 30,000 Feet Data, Information, and Knowledge Simple Pictures Are Best Implications and Lessons Learned What the Future Holds The New Competition Networks of Cooperating Firms Networks Breed Boundaryless Organizations What Boundarylessness Means Enterprise-Wide Thinking Areas of Research for the Future Refining and Revalidating Questions from the Past Twenty Years Questions for the New Millennium Concluding Remarks Commentary: Thoughts on the Future of Business Marketing Introduction: The Past The Present Transitions The Future Sensemaking About Business-to-Business Strategies and Relationships: A Commentary on Reid and Plank's Review The Main Contributions of Reid and Plank's Review Why Process Research? Coverage of Key Findings Theoretical Propositions on Relationships and Strategies Integrative Research: A Valuable Recommendation Reply to the Commentaries: Business Marketing Comes of Age Reply to Professor Woodside's Comments Reply to Professor Spekman's Comments Reply to Professor Wilson's Comments Business Marketing in the Future Value Relationships Technology and the Information Superhighway Implications for Research Concluding Remarks Book Review: Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Marketing Index Reference Notes Included