Ontology (Central Problems of Philosophy)


Ontology (Central Problems of Philosophy)

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Full Description

In the first part of the book, Dale Jacquette explores questions of pure philosophical ontology: what is meant by the concept of being, why does something exist rather than nothing, and why there is only one logically contingent actual world. The author argues that logic provides the only possible answers to these fundamental problems of pure ontology. In the second part of the book Jacquette examines issues of applied scientific ontology and provides a critical survey of some of the most influential traditional ontologies, such as the distinction between appearance and reality and the categories of substance and transcendence. The ontology of physical entities - space, time, matter, and causation - are examined as well as the ontology of abstract entities - sets, numbers, properties, relations, and propositions. The special problems posed by the subjectivity of mind and of God are also explored. The book concludes with a chapter on the ontology of culture, language, and art.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            xi
Acknowledgements xv
Introduction: Being as such 1 (11)
I Pure philosophical ontology
What it is to be (on Heidegger) 12 (30)
Combinatorial ontology 42 (47)
Why there is something rather than nothing 89 (20)
Why there is only one logically contingent 109(25)
actual world
Concepts of existence in philosophical 134(22)
logic and the analysis of being qua being
II Applied ontology and the metaphysics of
Ontological commitment (on Quine) 156(26)
Appearance, reality, substance, 182(11)
Physical entities: space, time, matter and 193(13)
causation, physical states of affairs and
events, natural laws
Abstract entities, particular and 206(27)
universal: numbers, sets, properties,
qualities, relations, propositions and
possibilities, logical, mathematical and
metaphysical laws
Subjectivity of mind in the world of 233(20)
objective physical facts
God, a divine supernatural mind? 253(12)
Ontology of culture: language, art and 265(10)
Conclusion: scientific-philosophical ontology 275(6)
Notes 281(28)
Bibliography 309(20)
Index 329