The Nature of Chinese Politics : From Mao to Jiang (Contemporary China Books)


The Nature of Chinese Politics : From Mao to Jiang (Contemporary China Books)

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Full Description

This book describes and analyzes how politics among the Chinese leadership has operated and evolved from the period of Mao's court up to the present day. Part I explores politics under Mao and Deng. For this section the five leading western analysts of elite Chinese politics - Lowell Dittmer, Lucian Pye, Frederick Teiwes, Andrew Nathan, and Tsou Tang - have contributed major papers that measure the empirical evidence against political science theory, recent Chinese history, and Chinese political culture. Part II explores and analyzes the ongoing changes in Chinese politics during Jiang's tenure, and includes analyzes by almost all the leading English-language scholars in the field.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   ix
Contributors xi
Foreword xiii
Jonathan Unger
PART I: The Nature of Politics Under Mao and
Modernizing Chinese Informal Politics 3 (35)
Lowell Dittmer
Factions and the Politics of Guanxi: 38 (20)
Paradoxes in Chinese Administrative and
Political Behaviour
Lucian W. Pye
The Paradoxical Post-Mao Transition: From 58 (40)
Obeying the Leader to ``Normal Politics''
Frederick C. Teiwes
Chinese Politics at the Top: Factionalism or 98 (63)
Informal Politics? Balance-of Power Politics
or a Game to Win All?
Tang Tsou
Factionalism in Chinese Politics from a New 161 (15)
Institutionalist Perspective
Andrew J. Nathan
Kellee S. Tsai
Reflections on Elite Informal Politics 176 (17)
Lowell Dittmer
PART II: The Nature of Politics Under Jiang
China's Political System: Challenges of the 193 (16)
Twenty-First Century
Michel Oksenberg
Jiang Zemin's Style of Rule: Go for 209 (8)
Stability, Monopolize Power and Settle for
Limited Effectiveness
Lucian W. Pye
The Changing Form and Dynamics of Power 217 (22)
Lowell Dittmer
Normal Politics with Chinese Characteristics 239 (19)
Frederick C. Teiwes
The Evolving Shape of Elite Politics 258 (16)
Joseph Fewsmith
The Supreme Leader and the Military 274 (23)
You Ji
The Delayed Institutionalization of 297 (16)
Leadership Politics
Susan L. Shirk
Selected Bibliography 313 (14)
Index 327