Ciw Foundations Certification Bible (HAR/CDR)

Ciw Foundations Certification Bible (HAR/CDR)

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Full Description

The CIW Foundations Certification Bible prepares you for ProSoft's CIW Foundations exam. Foundations is the entry level exam leading to the CIW Associate level and is a prerequisite for all other CIW tracks including the Professional and Master level certifications. The depth and scope of this book precisely maps to the CIW objectives stated in the CIW Foundations credential to make certain that certification objectives map to book content which in turn maps to test questions on the certification exam. This ensures a high level of reliability and validity of the Foundations book in preparing candidates to pass the CIW Foundations examination.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Part I: Internet Fundamentals 1 (266)
Introduction to the Internet 3 (36)
Viewing the Internet 39 (40)
Additional Internet Services 79 (54)
Understanding Internet Search Engines 133(38)
Embedded Objects and Browser Plug-ins 171(38)
Internet Security Issues 209(26)
Introduction to Electronic Commerce 235(32)
Part II: Fundamentals of Web Authoring 267(202)
Web Page Authoring Basics 269(32)
HTML Basics 301(66)
Intermediate HTML 367(48)
Advanced HTML 415(54)
Part III: Network Fundamentals 469(278)
The Basics of Networking 471(32)
Internetworking Concepts 503(28)
Introduction to Local and Wide Area Networks 531(42)
Understanding TCP/IP 573(54)
Servers in a TCP/IP Internetwork 627(54)
Extending Web Server Abilities 681(42)
Introduction to Network Security 723(24)
Appendix A: What's on the CD-ROM? 747(2)
Appendix B: Objective Mapping Matrix 749(10)
Appendix C: Sample Exam 759(22)
Appendix D: Exam-Taking Tips 781(6)
Appendix E: HTML 4.01 Elements and Attributes 787(20)
Appendix F: Overview of the CIW Certification 807(4)
Glossary 811(18)
Index 829(40)
Hungry Minds, Inc. End-User License Agreement 869