Competitive Karate

Competitive Karate

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Full Description

Arm yourself with the Superfoot advantage to excel in competition! For the first time in print, Adam Gibson and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace present the system that made Wallace a martial arts legend.In "Competitive Karate," Gibson and Wallace share the seven primary techniques of the Superfoot System--the backfist, reverse punch, undercut punch, ridgehand strike, roundhouse kick, side kick, and hook kick--and how to use them effectively in competition. Various combinations of attacks and counter-maneuvers--clearly demonstrated with accompanying photos--will show you how to score in a variety of fight situations. Drawing and luring techniques will teach you how to fake and set up opponents, opening them to your attacks. Evasive and blocking techniques will help you fend off their best attacks."Competitive Karate" also analyzes common fighting styles and strategies and how they match up in competition. Learn to choose the most effective style and the best tactics to highlight personal strengths and exploit opponents' weaknesses.You'll also find training and sparring programs that build speed, power, flexibility, stamina, and mental toughness--all essential for success in competition. Gibson and Wallace know what it takes to be a champion. Master the Superfoot System, and master your opponent in each match!


Part I Essence of a Karate Competitor; Chapter 1 Commitment to Competition Excellence; Chapter 2 Definition and Refinement of a Style; Part II Mastery of Technical and Tactical Maneuvers; Chapter 3 Applying the 7 Essential Techniques; Chapter 4 Manipulating the Opponent by Drawing and Luring; Chapter 5 Defending and Countering Kick Combinations; Chapter 6 Beating the Opponent's Best Punch; Chapter 7 Jamming and Smothering Opponents in Close; Part III Preparation for Combat; Chapter 8 Honing the Body for Competition; Chapter 9 Sparring and Practice for Championship Performance; Chapter 10 Stifling Opponents' Attacks and Creating Scoring Opportunities