Programming Visual Basic for Palm OS


Programming Visual Basic for Palm OS

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Full Description

This volume offers a framework for application design, development and installation for the Palm handheld. While the reader should have experience with the property-method-event model of VB programming, no familiarity with Palm products is assumed or required. It is written primarily for corporate software developers, software architects, middle-ware developers and engineering managers who need to understand the strengths and limits of programming on the Palm, and how to integrate Visual Basic language Palm applications into their corporate IT infrastructure or product offerings. It teaches readers how to create a host of business applications including security, wireless and database connectivity programs. Topics covered include: complete coverage of Palm user interface and database programming techniques; data synchronization including how to build, test and install a conduit using Visual Basic and COM; Web clipping applications and how to interface those applications to Microsoft's Active Server Page framework; extending the AppForge Palm application using shared libraries and Active-X like components; and porting Palm-based applications to the PocketPC platform.The book is designed to help the Visual Basic desktop programmer to break into the Palm market.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Part I. Programming with AppForge
Introducing AppForge 3 (21)
Palm Software 4 (2)
Main Features of AppForge 6 (6)
Installing AppForge 12 (2)
Using AppForge 14 (8)
Resources 22 (2)
Application Development 24 (57)
User Interface Design 24 (4)
Basic Application Layout Example 28 (21)
Language and Libraries Support 49 (32)
Palm Database Programming 81 (40)
The Palm Database 82 (3)
AppForge PDB Library 85 (22)
The AppForge Database Converter 107(10)
Resources 117(4)
Part II. Data Connectivity
Conduit Development 121(46)
Applications and Conduits 122(7)
Conduit Design 129(1)
Installing the CDK 130(4)
Nuts and Bolts 134(11)
Synchronization Logic 145(16)
Data Formats 161(5)
Resources 166(1)
SQL Databases 167(30)
SQL Publishing 167(9)
Universal Conduit 176(19)
Resources 195(2)
Web Clipping Applications 197(38)
Palm.Net Wireless Architecture 198(5)
Simple WCA Tour 203(6)
Building a Large Application 209(17)
Palm OS 4.0 226(5)
Resources 231(4)
Part III. Advanced Topics
Operating System Access 235(27)
Fuser Mechanics 236(11)
A Data Encryption Program 247(14)
Resources 261(1)
Shared Libraries 262(56)
Memory Concepts 262(1)
Memory Management Functions 263(1)
DBSLib Shared Library 264(34)
DBSLib Driver Application 298(7)
DBSLib Fuser 305(5)
AppForge Driver Application 310(8)
Piedmont 318(37)
Obtaining Piedmont 319(1)
Architecture Overview 319(1)
Module and Interface Definition 320(9)
Component Code Generation 329(11)
Windows Component Implementation 340(8)
Palm Component Implementation 348(2)
AppForge VM Integration 350(5)
Debugging 355(32)
Conditional Compilation 355(1)
Palm Reporter 356(1)
Palm Buttons 357(2)
Debug Database 359(6)
Part IV. Appendixes
A. Ingot and Enumeration Summary 365(12)
B. DBSLib Sample Project Setup 377(10)
Index 387