Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age


Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 440 p./サイズ 227 b/w illus.
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Full Description

Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age offers a radical reassessment of Constantine as an emperor, a pagan and a Christian. The book examines in detail a wide variety of evidence, including literature, secular and religious architectural monuments, coins, sculpture and other works of art. Setting the emperor in the context of the kings and emperors who preceded him, Jonathan Bardill shows how Constantine's propagandists exploited the traditional themes and imagery of rulership to portray him as having been elected by the supreme solar God to save his people and inaugurate a brilliant golden age. The author argues that the cultivation of this image made it possible for Constantine to reconcile the long-standing tradition of imperial divinity with his monotheistic faith by assimilating himself to Christ.

Table of Contents

        Illustrations                              ix
Acknowledgements xix
Abbreviations xxi
Chronology xxv
Map of the Roman Empire under the xxviii
Tetrarchs and Constantine
The Families of the Tetrarchs and Constantine xxx
Introduction 1 (10)
1 A Change Of Image 11 (17)
2 Emperors And Divine Protectors 28 (98)
3 The Saving Ruler And The Logos-Nomos 126 (25)
4 The Hippodrome Procession 151 (8)
5 The Symbol From the Sun, The Standard, 159 (44)
And The Sarcophagus
6 The Roman Colossus 203 (15)
7 Constantine And Christianity 218 (108)
8 Sol And Christianity 326 (12)
9 Constantine As Christ 338 (59)
Epilogue 397 (4)
Bibliography 401 (24)
Index 425