Stalinism and Nazism : Dictatorships in Comparison


Stalinism and Nazism : Dictatorships in Comparison

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An internationally distinguished team of historians of Nazism and Stalinism provide a summary of the most up-to-date research and offer new perspectives on issues linking the two most terrible dictatorships of modern times.

Full Description

The internationally distinguished contributors to this landmark volume represent a variety of approaches to the Nazi and Stalinist regimes. These far-reaching essays provide the raw materials towards a comparative analysis and offer the means to deepen and extend research in the field. The first section highlights similarities and differences in the leadership cults at the heart of the dictatorships. The second section moves to the 'war machines' engaged in the titanic clash of the regimes between 1941 and 1945. A final section surveys the shifting interpretations of successor societies as they have faced up to the legacy of the past. Combined, the essays presented here offer unique perspectives on the most violent and inhumane epoch in modern European history.

Table of Contents

Introduction: the regimes and their dictators:
perspectives of comparison
Part I. The Two Dictatorships: 1. Stalin and
his Stalinism: power and authority in the
Soviet Union 1930-1953 Ronal Suny
2. Bureaucracy and the Stalinist state Moshe
3. Cumulative radicalisation and progressive
self-destruction: structural determinants of
the Nazi dictatorship Hans Mommsen
4. 'Working towards the Fü
hrer': reflections on the nature of the Hitler
dictatorship Ian Kershaw
5. The contradictions of continuous revolution
Michael Mann
Part II. The War Machines: 6. The economics of
war in the Soviet Union during World War II
Jacques Sapir
7. Stalin, the Red Army, and the great
patriotic war Bern Bonwetsch
8. From Blitzkrieg to total war: controversial
links between image and reality Omer Bartov
Part III. The Big Debates: 9. Work, gender and
everyday life: reflections on continuity,
normality and agency in twentieth century
Germany Mary Nolan
10. From 'Great Fatherland War' to the Second
World War: new perspectives and future
prospects Mark von Hagen
11. German exceptionalism and the origins of
Nazism in the career of a concept George
12. Stalinism and the politics of post-Soviet
history Mark von Hagen