Dinosaur Systematics : Approaches and Perspectives


Dinosaur Systematics : Approaches and Perspectives

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Full Description

In recent years dinosaurs have captured the attention of the public at an unprecedented scale. At the heart of this resurgence in popular interest is an increased level of research activity, much of which is innovative in the field of palaeontology. For instance, whereas earlier palaeontological studies emphasized basic morphologic description and taxonomic classification, modern studies attempt to examine the role and nature of dinosaurs as living animals. More than ever before, we understand how these extinct species functioned, behaved, interacted with each other and the environment, and evolved. Nevertheless, these studies rely on certain basic building blocks of knowledge, including facts about dinosaur anatomy and taxonomic relationships. One of the purposes of this volume is to unravel some of the problems surrounding dinosaur systematics and to increase our understanding of dinosaurs as a biological species. Dinosaur Systematics presents a current overview of dinosaur systematics using various examples to explore what is a species in a dinosaur, what separates genders in dinosaurs, what morphological changes occur with maturation of a species, and what morphological variations occur within a species.

Table of Contents

        List of contributors                       vii
Foreword: Charles Mortram Sternberg and the ix
Alberta Dinosaurs
Loris Russell
Preface xv
List of institutional abbreviations xvi
Introduction: on systematics and morphological 1 (8)
Kenneth Carpenter
Philip J. Currie
I Methods
Clades and grades in dinosaur systematics 9 (12)
Paul C. Sereno
Shape analysis in the study of dinosaur 21 (22)
Ralph E. Chapman
II Sauropodomorpha
Morphometric study of Plateosaurus from 43 (10)
Trossingen (Baden-Wrttemberg, Federal
Republic of Germany)
David B. Weishampel
Ralph E. Chapman
Species determination in sauropod dinosaurs 53 (18)
with tentative suggestions for their
John S. McIntosh
III Theropoda
Variation in theory and in theropods 71 (10)
Ralph E. Molnar
Variation in Coelophysis bauri 81 (10)
Edwin H. Colbert
Morphological variation in small theropods 91 (16)
and its meaning in systematics: evidence from
Syntarsus rhodesiensis
Michael A. Raath
Theropod teeth from the Judith River 107(20)
Formation of southern Alberta, Canada
Philip J. Currie
J. Keith Rigby, Jr.
Robert E. Sloan
The systematic position of Baryonyx walkeri, 127(14)
in the light of Gauthier's reclassification
of the Theropoda
Alan J. Charig
Angela C. Milner
Variation in Tyrannosaurus rex 141(6)
Kenneth Carpenter
IV Ornithopoda
A review of Vectisaurus valdensis, with 147(16)
comments on the family Iguanodontidae
David B. Norman
Morphometric observations on hadrosaurid 163(16)
Ralph E. Chapman
Michael K. Brett-Surman
Evidence of diphyletic origination of the 179(10)
hadrosaurian (Reptilia: Ornithischia)
John R. Horner
V Pachycephalosauria
Morphometric landmarks of pachycephalosaurid 189(14)
cranial material from the Judith River
Formation of northcentral Montana
Mark B. Goodwin
VI Ceratopsia
New data on parrot-beaked dinosaurs 203(8)
Paul C. Sereno
The ceratopsian subfamily Chasmosaurinae: 211(20)
sexual dimorphism and systematics
Thomas M. Lehman
On the status of the ceratopsids Monoclonius 231(14)
and Centrosaurus
Peter Dodson
Triceratops: an example of flawed systematics 245(10)
John H. Ostrom
Peter Wellnhofer
VII Stegosauria
Stegosaurs of Asia 255(14)
Dong Zhiming
VIII Ankylosauria
Teeth and taxonomy in ankylosaurs 269(12)
Walter P. Coombs, Jr.
Ankylosaur systematics: example using 281(18)
Panoplosaurus and Edmontonia (Ankylosauria:
Kenneth Carpenter
IX Footprints
A name for the trace of an act: approaches to 299(10)
the nomenclature and classification of fossil
vertebrate footprints
William A. S. Sarjeant
Summary and prospectus 309(6)
Taxonomic index 315