Wisdom in Ancient Israel : Essays in Honour of J.A. Emerton

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Wisdom in Ancient Israel : Essays in Honour of J.A. Emerton

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1995. A collection of essays on wisdom literature and its relation to ancient near eastern thought.

Table of Contents

Introduction John Day, Robert P. Gordon, and H.
G. M. Williamson
Part I. The Ancient Near Eastern Setting: 1.
Egyptian wisdom literature J. D. Ray
2. Some new Babylonian wisdom literature W. G.
3. The wisdom of Ahiqar Jonas C. Greenfield
Part II. Old Testament and Apocryphal Texts: 4.
Foreign semitic influence on the wisdom of
Israel and its appropriation in the book of
Proverbs John Day
5. The limits of theodicy as a theme of the
book of Job E. W. Nicholson
6. Qoheleth Otto Kaiser
7. A house divided: wisdom in Old Testament
narrative traditions Robert P. Gordon
8. Wisdom in Solomonic historiography André
9. Amos and wisdom J. A. Soggin
10. Hosea and the wisdom tradition: dependence
and independence A. A. Macintosh
11. Isaiah and the wise H. G. M. Williamson
12. Jeremiah and the wise William McKane
13. The wisdom psalms R. N. Whybray
14. Wisdom and Daniel B. A. Mastin
15. Ecclesiasticus: a tract for the times John
G. Snaith
16. The Christian use and the Jewish origins of
the Wisdom of Solomon William Horbury
17. Were there schools in ancient Israel? G. I.
18. The trees, the beasts and the birds:
fables, parables and allegories in the Old
Testament Kevin J. Cathcart
19. The personification of Wisdom Roland E.
20. Wisdom and the goddess Judith M. Hadley
21. Wisdom at Qumran A. S. van der Woude
22. The interpretation of wisdom in
nineteenth-century scholarship Rudopf Smend
23. Wisdom and Old Testament theology R. E.
Biographical note: John Adney Emerton
Bibliography of the works of John Adney Emerton
Karen K. Miticich