Theropithecus : The Life and Death of a Primate Genus

Theropithecus : The Life and Death of a Primate Genus

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Full Description

This unique volume provides a comprehensive and up-to-date examination of all aspects of the biology of the Old World monkey genus, Theropithecus, which evolved alongside our human ancestors. The authors explore the fossil history and evolution of the genus, its biogeography, comparative evolutionary biology and anatomy, and the behaviour and socioecology of the living and extinct representatives of the genus. The parallels between the evolution of Theropithecus and early hominids are discussed. There are also two chapters of particular significance which describe how an innovative and exciting approach to the modelling of the causes of species extinction can be used with great success. This highly multidisciplinary approach provides a rare and insightful account of the evolutionary biology of this fascinating and once highly successful group of primates. Theropithecus will be of interest to researchers in the fields of primatology, anthropology, palaeontology, and mammalian behaviour, physiology and anatomy.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Part I. Fossil Evidence and Phylogeny: 2.
Theropithecus darti from the Hadar Formation,
3. Evolution of Theropithecus in the Turkana
4. Are P. baringensis R. Leakey, 1969, and P.
quadratirostris Iwamoto, 1982, species of Papio
or Theropithecus?
5. Theropithecus fossils from Africa and India
and the taxonomy of the genus
6. Theropithecus from Ternifine, Algeria
7. The phylogeny of Theropithecus
Part II. Biogeography and Evolutionary Biology:
8. Climate change, biogeography and
9. African terrestrial primates: the
comparative evolutionary biology of
Theropithecus and the Hominidae
Part III. Anatomy of the Fossil and Living
Species of Theropithecus: 10. Allometric
aspects of skull morphology in Theropithecus
11. Evolution of the masticatory apparatus in
12. Dental microwear and diet in extant and
extinct Theropithecus: preliminary analyses
13. The development and microstructure of the
dentition of Theropithecus
14. Postcranial anatomy of extinct and extant
species of Theropithecus
Part IV. Behaviour and Ecology of Living and
Fossil Species of Theropithecus: 15. Social
organisation of the Gelada
16. The ecology of Theropithecus gelada
17. Food digestion and energetic conditions in
Theropithecus gelada
18. Socioecology of the extinct Theropiths: a
modelling approach
19. Ecological energetics and extinction of
giant gelada baboons