Socialism and War : The Spanish Socialist Party in Power and Crisis, 1936-1939

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Socialism and War : The Spanish Socialist Party in Power and Crisis, 1936-1939

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Full Description

This book recovers the lost history of Spanish socialism during the turbulent years of the Civil War (1936-39). Just as the energy of the socialist movement had sustained the pre-war Second Republic as an experiment in reform, so too it underwrote the Republican war effort in the crucial years of the conflict which would determine Spain's long-term future. Leading Socialist Party (PSOE) cadres formed the bedrock of the government, while thousands of Party and union militants helped bear the tremendous weight of the war effort. The role of the PSOE in the construction of Republican political unity during the Civil War was pivotal. Yet, paradoxically, previous accounts of wartime Republican politics have virtually written the PSOE out of the script by concentrating exclusively on the fierce ideological dispute between anarchists and communists. But the key issues of revolution and State power marked all the forces in Republican Spain, none more so than the Socialist movement. As the traditional party of the working class and the only mass party in Spain as late as 1931, PSOE militants were to be found on both sides of the revolutionary/reformist divide which split fatally the Republican forces during the Civil War. The PSOE's disintegration was a function of that of the Republic itself; but the reverse was no less true. The book investigates the responses of organised socialism to the complex issues raised by the conflict, as it charts the PSOE's devastating experience of political power and desperate crisis in a war it could not win.

Table of Contents

List of abbreviations
Part I. The Struggle for Control of the Psoe's
National Organisation 1934-1936: 1. Internal
divisions in the Spanish socialist movement
2. The break-up of socialist unity and the
coming of the civil war
Part II. The Socialist Left in Power 1936-1937:
3. The appointment of the Largo Caballero
4. Political realignments inside the socialist
5. The socialist left: crisis and collapse
Part III. The Battle in the Party 1937-1938: 6.
n Lamoneda confronts the PSOE left
7. The purge of the party left and the growing
crisis in the reformist camp
8. The atomisation of reformist socialism
Part IV. The Dispute in the UGT: 9. The battle
for control of the union and the eclipse of the
socialist left 1937-1938
10. The caballerista old guard: entrenchment
and resurgence
Part V. Socialist - Communist Rupture: 11. The
Casado cuop and the end of the war