Growth Factors in Fertility Regulation (Scientific Basis of Fertility Regulation)

Growth Factors in Fertility Regulation (Scientific Basis of Fertility Regulation)

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Full Description

It has been known for some time that certain types of cells, including those in reproduction tissues, produce substances that act by autocrine and paracrine means to control cellular functions, including promotion and inhibition of cell growth. This volume is based on a symposium held under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization to review the many newly recognised growth factors controlling physiological functions of the reproductive tract. The contributions presented here offer new and expanded insights into the functioning of the reproductive tract, examining many basic physiological and molecular mechanisms with potential in the development of new approaches to fertility regulation. Promising areas for further research are identified, and new systems for in vitro study of growth factors discussed.

Table of Contents

List of contributors
Part I. Control of Germ Cell Proliferation and
Differention: Differentiation, growth and
maturation of oocytes A. G. Byskov
GnRH-induced rat oocyte maturation: a calcium
dependent process S. Goren, Y. Oron and N. Dekel
A G1-specific spermatogonial chalone E.
Bustos-Obregon, J. Balbontin and P. Arenas
Cellular function of proto-oncogenes G. Cooper
Characteristics of the expression of the cc-abl
and c-mos proto-oncogenes in mouse germ cells
A. G. Wadewitz and D. J. Wolgemuth
Part II. Mechanisms of Hormone Action:
Mechanisms of action of estrogenes and
antiestrogens J. Gorski
Are receptor-associated nuclear proteins
associated with the earliest effects of steroid
hormones? E. E. Baulieu
Hormonal control of gene expression in the
ovary J. S. Richards
The hormonal control of human luteal cells
H.-Z. Wang
Part III. Local Regulatory Processes: Ovarian
insulin-like growth factor 1: basic and
clinical implications E. Y. Adashi
Isolation and characterization of growth
factors from porcine ovarian follicular fluid
M. Yamamoto
Paracrine mechanisms in the regulation of
testicular function D. M. De Kretser
Stage-specific regulation of spermatogenesis M.
Multiple regulation of leydig cell functions F.
F. G. Rommerts
Stimulation of leydig cell steroidogenesis by a
factor from human ovarian follicular fluid S.
A. Khan, C. Keck and E. Nieschlag
Intrafollicular roles of inhibin, interferon-A
related peptides J. K. Findlay
The inhibin/activin family and
proopiomelanocrotin-derived peptides as
intratesticular regulators of cellular function
P. L. Morris
Modulation of FSH by low-molecular-weight
synthetic fragments of human seminal inhibin A.
R. Sheth
Transforming growth factor beta and related
peptides: a role in testicular intercellular
communication M. Benahmed
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) in human ovarian
follicular fluid L. G. Westergaard and C. Y.
The brain renin-angiotensin system and the
secretion of anterior pituitary hormones in the
rat M. K. Steele
Renin and angiotensin formation and action in
the ovary M. Alam
Part IV. Extracellular Matrix and Cell
Differentiation: The influence of extracellular
matrix and cell-cell interactions on the
secretory activity of sortoli cells A.
The influence of ovarian granulosa cell factors
on the proliferation and differentiation of
endothelial cell R. D. Koos
Part V. Lymphokines and the Endocrine System:
The role of interleukin-1 in reproduction M. L.
The role of peritoneal macrophages and their
secretory products in endometriosis-associated
infertility J. Halme, S. Sporn and S. Haskill
Part VI. New Leads for Fertility Regulation
Research: Summary of the Symposium: Focus on
growth regulatory factors for new leads in
fertility regulation research E. Diczfalusy.