Electrical Trauma : The Pathophysiology, Manifestations and Clinical Management

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Electrical Trauma : The Pathophysiology, Manifestations and Clinical Management

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1992.

Full Description

This comprehensive 1992 treatise was the first on electrical trauma in humans. Several of the world's leading experts describe the basic mechanisms of tissue injury in victims of electrical trauma, the complex and varied manifestations of electrical trauma, and clinical treatment protocols. Coverage of the topic is broad, ranging from mathematical models of molecular processes to intra-operative clinical care. The volume describes the basic physiochemical mechanisms responsible for tissue damage and explains the complex and variable ways in which electrical trauma manifests itself. Electrical Trauma serves as an important source of information from a variety of perspectives that contribute to the understanding of the electrical injury problem and development of rational therapy. It is suitable for clinicians in trauma surgery, emergency medicine, plastic surgery, intensive care and burns units and for those with an academic and research interest in the mechanisms and causes of electrical trauma.

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction: 1. Electrical burns: a
historical review T. Bernstein
2. Industrial electrical accidents and their
complications observed by Electricité
de France J. Cabanes
3. The pathophysiology and clinical management
of electrical injury R. C. Lee
Part II. Clinical Manifestations and
Management: 4. Soft tissue patterns in acute
electric burns J. L. Hunt
5. The spectrum of electrical injuries E. A.
6. Electrical trauma: pathophysiology and
clinical management R. H. Demling
7. Acute and delayed neurological sequelae of
electrical injury B. J. Grube and D. M. Heimbach
8. Paediatric electrical burns C. F. Keusch, G.
H. Gifford and E. Eriksson
9. Surgical technique for salvage of
electrically damaged tissue L. J. Gottlieb, J.
Saunders and T. J. Krizek
Part III. Tissue Responses: 10. The role of
arachidonic acid metabolism in the pathogenesis
of electrical trauma M. C. Robson
11. Thermal damage: mechanisms, patterns and
detection in electrical burns P. Heroux
12. Evaluation of electrical burn injury using
an electrical impedance technique M. Chilbert
13. Impedance spectroscopy: the measurement of
electrical impedance of biological materials R.
14. Analysis of heat injury to the upper
extremity of electric shock victims: a
theoretical model B. I. Tropea and R. C. Lee
Part IV: Biophysical Mechanisms of Cellular
Injury: 15. Response of cells to
supra-physiological temperatures: experimental
measurements and kinetic models E. G. Cravalho,
M. Toner, D. C. Gaylor and R. C. Lee
16. Cell membrane rupture by strong electric
fields: prompt and delayed processes J. C.
17. An anisotropic, elastomechanical
instability theory for electropermealisation of
bilayer-lipid membranes C. Maldarelli and K.
18. Electrical injury to heart muscle cells L.
19. Skeletal muscle cell membrane electrical
breakdown in electrical trauma D. C. Gaylor, D.
L. Bhatt and R. C. Lee
20. Theory of non-linear conduction in cell
membranes under strong electric fields R. C.
Lee and K. Prakah-Asante