Molecular Biology of the Islets of Langerhans

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Molecular Biology of the Islets of Langerhans

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Full Description

The islets of Langerhans, the primary source of hormone production in the pancreas, have been the focus of research into the nature of diabetes for decades. In recent years, the molecular biology of this multiendocrine organ has been intensively investigated, with a corresponding increase in our understanding of the normal and pathological functioning of islet cells. Molecular Biology of the Islets of Langerhans provides a comprehensive treatment of molecular studies on the synthesis of insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and pancreatic polypeptide. In addition, this volume presents contemporary hypotheses and explanations, at the molecular level, of the defects in islet cells that may lead to diabetes. The material presented here will be essential reading for researchers in human endocrinology and, in particular, for those working in the area of diabetes research.

Table of Contents

Preface Hiroshi Okamoto
Introductory overview Hiroshi Okamoto
Part I. The Molecular Biology of Peptide
Hormones in the Islets of Langerhans: 1. The
organization and structure of insulin genes
Graeme I. Bell and Susumu Seino
2. The regulation of insulin gene expression
Michael D. Walker
3. The translational control of proinsulin
synthesis by glucose Nobuyuki Itoh
4. The structure and regulation of the glucagon
gene Joel F. Habener
5. The structure and regulation of the
somatostatin gene Joel F. Habener
6. The mosaic evolution of the pancreatic
polypeptide gene Hiroshi Yamamoto, Hideto
Yonekura and Koji Nata
7. The structure and expression of genes of
vasoactive intestinal peptide and related
peptides Takashi Yamagami
8. Pancreastatin: a novel pancreatic hormone
Kazuhiko Tatemoto
9. The processing of peptide precursors Thue W.
Part II. Molecular Aspects of Diabetes
Mellitus: 10. The molecular basis of
experimental diabetes Hiroshi Okamoto
11. Class II histocompatibility genes and
diabetes David Owerbach
12. The role of the insulin gene in diabetes:
use of restriction fragment length
polymorphisms in diagnosis Steven C. Elben and
M. Alan Permutt
13. Abnormal products of the human insulin gene
Howard S. Tager
14. A novel gene, rig, activated in insulinomas
Shin Takasawa, Chiyoko Inoue, Kiyoto Shiga and
Motoo Kitagawa
16. Defects of signal transduction in a tumoral
islet cell line Willy J. Malaisse