Job Relocation : Managing People on the Move

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Job Relocation : Managing People on the Move

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Full Description

Relocation is probably the only area of human resource management in which employers must give consideration to the needs of the family, not just the employee. This guide provides information on good practice for all those involved in the process of relocation. Some employers may believe that their duty is to the employee - and the employee alone. However, it is increasingly being recognized that damaged family relationships - disaffected spouses who have given up careers, children upset and unable to settle at school, family concern over aged relatives left behind and the unhappiness and loneliness associated with loss of friendships - will affect the employee's performance at work. Practical help has been identified as an effective means of reducing employee/family stress, and in turn, resistance to moving. Practical assistance in the form of the provision of advice, information and counselling, etc resulting in greater involvement in the process of change can significantly reduce employees' and their families genuine fears and concerns over such issues as educational and career options for family members.


Job relocation and the family; organiztional aspects of job mobility and relocation - a guide for personnel managers; women and relocation; corporate relocations - a jigsaw puzzle in human resource management; international aspects of job relocation in the 1990s; conclusion - checklist for successful relocation.